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  1. You are spot on! This works very well, and the flavor is really better than expected. I used to use whole butter until I discovered duck fat would work, at least for certain dishes.

    I say go for the whole, ah, quack!

    Are you using fresh masa or reconstituted Maseca?

    Chill the duck fat and whip it on a stand mixer.  Whip in the masa/recon Maseca by apricot=sized chunks.  Salt it real well, and if you're going to add baking powder, now's the time.  Check the consistency, then add cold duck or chicken broth.  I usually beat it and add broth until it is the consistency of pound cake batter, or like real heavy whipped cream - it still slumps a little in the spoon, but will not fall off the spoon if you turn it upside down.

    When steaming, make sure that there is at least a 2" bed of corn husks between the water and the tamales.  Top them with another thick layer of corn husks and then tuck a towel over everything before putting on the lid.  That will keep the condensate from falling back into the tamales while they steam.  Shouldn't take more than 1 hour to 1 1/4 hours unless you make them really huge.  Turn off the fire and let them sit in the pot about 20 minutes before taking them out.

    That should give you moist but not wet tamales.


  2. I was a chef out in Bandera, Texas at a resort when the BIG flood happened that nearly destroyed downtown Bandera as well as sooo many businesses and homes. The damage was incredible, and the rationing you speak of brings about memories of that time (especially about saving water......all water was shut of.......no showers, bathrooms, etc.).

  3. However, for an establishment that prides itself on specialty produce

    Two things I noticed in your review, 1) the problem with mushroom, greens and meat combo, 2) that your friut with the cheese was flavorless. I have to agree that some chefs do not check for flavor of berries, and presume that they taste as they should, which isn't always the case. Sorry, but if a restaurant touts that they use "quality" specialty produce, that problem should not occur, and paying that much money for a promise that wasn't delivered is inexcusable, IMO.

    I know every restaurant has it's bad days or bad plate ups, but that should be recognized and corrected, IF they were striving to be the best.

  4. Austin-Amrican Statesman

    Dale Rice brings up a hot debate, whether to sauce your meat or not during the bbq process. I like mine slathered with the stuff!

    To Sauce or Not to Sauce....

    Austin Chronicle

    Virginia Wood names off the winners of the 14th Annual 'Austin Chronicle' Hot Sauce Festival. Winners recieved prizes, tasters recieved lotsa cold beer and the promise that taste buds do rejuvinate.....

    And da winnah isss......

    Austin Chronicle

    RobbWalsh has a say about the festival.


  5. My gosh , that was funny! That article showed many facets...1) Robb was veeerry generous and objective in his review. Even after he was thrown out, he still recommended the snapper. Class act if you ask me. 2) He did find out the facts and presented them. All I have to say is..ouch! 3) Loved the touch of humor!

  6. Acenar is an excellent place to eat. I highly recommend it. If you are looking for something that isn't as daring, La Fogata and Los Barrios are great. The food is a good example of how Tex Mex should be done. But if you want good Tex Mex eats for a low price, El Jarrasco has your menu. I've eaten at a couple of thier restaurants and all have been consistant in food and price. You can get a large plate of skirt steak with pickled napoles, rice and beans, salad and tortillas for $6. And it's good. Beats out La Margarita and and Mi Tierra in taste and price hands down.

  7. San Antonio Current

    Lisa Sorg trumpets the diversity of legumes and how they are a staple in a vegetarians' diet. yeeks...

    Meatless Eater in Steer City

    San Antonio Express News

    Bonnie Walker enlists the aid of Texas A&M professors to get helpful hints on how to keep those pesky weevils out of your kitchen. And all this time I thought they were poppy seeds.....

    Weevil Invasion

  8. they're called "banh trang", and they come in a flat plastic mini-drum, sometimes with a rose on the package.

    Yep! These are the best to use, in my experience.

    I LOVED the pics! Great way to demonstrate the technique ( which, btw, comes from repitition, as was said before).

    Some ideas for fillers...

    Sushi rice, marinated cukes, green onions, shrimp and cilantro.

    Purple sticky rice, tuna, peanuts, nam pla, hoison and more onions.

  9. For a nice Southern twist, I like to use as a side dish. Hominy, roasted potatoes, Andoulli sausage, garlic, fresh oregano and thyme, onions, all sauteed in butter. Add salt and pepper.

  10. San Antonio Current

    Ever wonder what local San Antonians consider the best? Here's a current list from the Current magazine. The staff picked some, but it does give alist of the best as voted on by us locals.

    I have to disagree with the best menudo. Taco House #4 wins hands down!

    The Best

    San Antonio Express News

    Cheryl Van Tuyl Jividen gives a very good article on school food and and what kids are eating nowadays, how unhealthy alot of it is and what people are trying to do to curb unhealthy diets for thier kids. I really liked this one.

    Schools strive to give lunches 'kid appeal'

  11. once made Purple-Pistachio-Parmesan pesto just for the sake of being alliterative and to use up a big bunch of Purple Opal basil I had

    LOL! I hear ya on using words like that. But that does sound very tasty!

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