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  1. Kenji San doesn't do tomago "no time" he says. I guess I fancied he did because if he had it would be the best damn egg I'd ever have!!
  2. Maybe it's not new. It's new to me! I don't know about the Chevron station, but I think there is a Cuban restaurant across the street. (Isn't the Chevron station on Alameda and Victory?)
  3. Keep an ear out for new and collaborative ventures from the Providence crew!! And please, please, please, check out Sushi Nishi-ya on the Burbank/Glendale border. Amongst the myriad sushi jaunts in L.A. County, this is truly "a diamond in the rough"! Favorites include; -Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, -Scottish Salmon "Two Ways"; Smoked and with a sliver of Sweet Kelp -(I think she said); "Japan Scallop" -It was INCREDIBLE! -Hama Hama oyster w/light citrus sauce -Maryland Blue Crab-hand roll and dessert; Tomago (when he has it) A place like this doesn't last long unless folks like us support them. In case it doesn't make it, go now! Sushi Nishi-ya 1712 Victory Blvd Glendale 91201 818-244-2933 open for lunch 12-2 closed Sundays $$
  4. Great thread! I too believe its exciting that L.A. is becoming the culinary destination it's meant to be. Mozza, Craft, Bastide, Providence, Hungry Cat, Opus. They're lining up! Beside those, there are the smaller, "everyday" type establishments also contributing to making LA a more worthy destination for dining. -CHEERS (Angelini Osteria is still a favorite and always superb! One of the best values in LA!)
  5. Good luck on your new venture. There will soon be a coffee operation in Silver Lake, (Los Angeles) California that will also be introducing coffee and chocolate pairings. The chocolatier and pastry chef is from a renowned restaurant in Los Angeles.
  6. mangandi25

    stuffed burgers

    re: stuffed burgers... to use the little left over short rib meat from our Wednesday night braised short rib dinner; we'll often blend it into our ground beef pattys and serve a stuffed short rib burger with a horseradish spread. it's stink'n incredible and a HOT seller!!!
  7. perhaps I'm just partial to the restaurant operations I'm involved with, mind you I'm fully aware of the enormous success of the tavern. I'm looking at some of your pictures and I concurr the article is very informative, but I'm convinced we do eggs better. Perhaps our technique is not as refined, but I'm certain our presentations are devine. from toast, to waffles, to benedicts on a croissant with an orange-hollandaise; we put a lot of tlc into presentation, and our brunch covers top 400 on any given weekend day; in a much smaller space. Our flavor profiles are superb and I reckon our success is testament to that. I have not dined at Tavern on the Green, but I'm very much aware of their success and reputation and have every intention of dining there sometime in the near future. I hope it lives up to its billing...
  8. I feel fortunate to have received my first Reidel tasing glass for my 31st b-day just today. I too tilt my glass to Claus Reidel. Ching...
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