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  1. Here's hoping excellent chefs around the world are thinking "hey that 100k could be mine!" and we get some top rate talent in future seasons (if the producers are smart enough to pick the top talent and not what they think will generate the most drama...)
  2. Ok, Hosea is a Top Chef and Richard B. is not a Top Chef. Well, maybe if Richard is lucky Hosea will hire him as his sous-chef full time....
  3. Same here; avocado mousse sounds yummy! we love avocado shakes!
  4. Tony buying that shirt was very disturbing; contrast this to the Laos episode--what would that Laotian family think if they saw that? I still watch his show, but I view him very differently now.
  5. Loved the Spain episode. ALL FOOD!!!! No hang gliding or whatever; which you can get from every other travel show.
  6. Sticking to my guns on this one. ← I think Steph will win. Unless she blows it big time (and I don't think she will) there has to be some pressure--conscious or unconscious--to have a female winner. So all things being equal I think she would get the nod. But she is talented enough anyway to take the win, so my money's on her!
  7. Just had to chime in as we are in BA right now. We have to say we highly recommend Cabaña Las Lilas BECAUSE it is touristy. We have been to three other restaurants for steak before going there and while good, we were getting frustrated. We like our meat rare. After ordering and explaining in both English and our limited Spanish (using the recommended words for ¨juicy¨ and red and even pointing to examples), our meat always arrived with just a little pink in the middle. It seamed to be a case of them knowing better than us the way it should be prepared. At Cabaña Las Lilas, the cuts were very thick (which we also were not getting at the other places) and red bloody, fatty mounds--exactly what we were looking for! Plus we got pretty lucky and walked up with no reservations and got seated near the water on a beautiful night. If you can afford it and that´s what you are looking for, then go. We were very glad and spent a third of what it would cost in the states (we didn´t order any sides or wine, we were just there for meat!). Also go to the other places too to experience Argentine style.
  8. Nope--I do! I usually tend to look at the positives in people though...just weird that way! I love her eyes!
  9. She's always been cute to me, but looked especially good last night!
  10. I agree with you about Peets. I'd read where Starbucks roasts their coffee by some kind of program, but Peets still uses a real person that uses their art and instinct to roast to just the right degree... And here's hoping for a Taylors to open in Southern Cal! Would it be possible for them to become a chain and still maintain the same quality?! Well, one more month til my SF trip!
  11. so what does a dozen raw oysters go for at Hog Island?
  12. I agree; I guess we're all probably biased here, but he should spend much more time and info on the food!!
  13. Are there any recommendations for those of us that can't afford the upscale shops?
  14. As for the price, I'm sure we'll be seeing this is a 99 Cent Store near you soon!
  15. Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge or Polar Diet Double Fudge? I think there's definitely a similarity in the way both chocolate flavor and coffee flavor taste when there's no cream. If I didn't drink so many Asian canned coffees, that probably would have come to mind as a comparison for me, too. ← those don't sound familiar, but I was quite young. I do remember it was in a can not bottles. maybe Shasta?
  16. Just tried Coke Blak. It has a familiar taste to me. I think when I was a kid there was a diet chocolate soda, but I can't remember who made it. This is what I think it tastes like. Anyone remember this?
  17. we have annual passes and go down when we can. We almost always find ourselves at Pho Republic, a Vietnamese place nearby. Pho: cheap, filling, and delicious!!
  18. What ethiopian restaurants to do recommend? We don't know anything about Ethiopian food. We usually go to a lunch buffet to be able to sample a variety of things, but those always aren't the greatest either!
  19. When we travel we are always interested in cheap but tasty food and want to experience the regional favorites. So in Chicago it was hot dogs and deep dish pizza, in Philly it will be Cheesesteaks, you get the idea. But also interested in any other cuisines that may be a good value that you can recommend. We will be staying in Arlington and going back and forth to DC to do the tourist stuff. Would like to have virginia ham somewhere, raw oysters (if we can find a deal--we were spoiled getting them so cheap when we were in New Orleans last year), but looks like crabs are not in season and are usually not local anymore (correct?). Also, are there any regional snacks or sodas we should look for? Thanks!!! (we will be leaving for there on March 17th from Southern California)
  20. skoolpsyk


    Hmm, never seen suet in the supermarket. Where is it normally kept? I've seen lard, but understand that the kind you buy in a supermarket is not good to use since it has been hydrogenated. I wonder if this is the same with the suet too...
  21. If you can get in a car and go, there is a Vietmanese restaurant we love that is pretty close: Pho Republic.
  22. wow, thanks for all the great responses!!! should be a good trip!
  23. Where to locals eat? We would like to avoid the tourist traps...(no we won't be dining at Bubba Gump) Is there anywhere to get inexpensive raw oysters?
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