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    Per Se

    I'm so glad to know that! I really was feeling guilty. But next time I am going to get them boxed up, or I'll just ask to skip them. Neither of us have enough of a sweet tooth to want to eat all those chocolates and candies after the desserts.
  2. kiliki

    Per Se

    We had a funny thing happen here a few weeks ago. At the table next to us was a family with a boy of 6 or 7. The waiter asked if he'd like to go back and see the kitchen, and he hesitated before his parents urged him to go. After they walked off I hissed to my husband, "you can tell he doesn't even appreciate it! I can't believe HE gets to go back!" And there's staff everywhere there of course, and I'm sure someone overheard me, because later they invited US into the kitchen (which was freakishly spotless and silent). We didn't see anyone else get invited back. I was a bit embarrased but the ends justified the means, I guess. What does everyone here do with the candies/truffles? Our waiter said only about twice a year does a table actually finish these. The two times I've been I've been stuffed and practically comotose by the time the silver tiered thing comes around, so we didn't make a dent in it. A waiter told us later that some people have it boxed up which they are happy to do, and I am haunted by the idea that they mnight have thrown it all away.
  3. If anyone is interested, the chef at Le Violin D'Ingres is offering a Monday morning cooking class to guests staying at Paris Perfect apartments. For our trip last week we decided to stay in a hotel rather than with the company (mostly due to the fact the hotel would let us check in when we arrived from CDG at 8 am) and we only received the email about this promotion the day before we left. I was really disappointed I didn't know sooner! Le Violin was our favorite meal from our recent trip--food, service and atmosphere were all terrific. Joan I didn't check back so I just now saw your latest suggestion. Next time!
  4. I was there last year and it was one of the two best meals of our Dordogne/Lot trip. It's a very worthwhile trip.
  5. I'd add Le Violin D'Ingres. That was the best meal of our trip last week. I also like Les Cocottes as suggested above if you want a more casual experience. Les Fables is a great pick. I think Au Bon Accueil is good for non adventurous eaters--the menu seemed very accessible. I wonder if l'ami Jean will be too much for non-adventurous eaters. I was there on Saturday and as someone that prefers seafood and lighter dishes, the menu really wasn't appealing to me--too much tongue and pig's feet and the like. (Actually these comments just reflect the menu--there were a la carte entree plat options I didn't really explore. So perhaps there are more options that I remember).
  6. Thanks again for the help. We had no problem getting a table on a Sunday night. We had the spicy cucumber salad, spicy mung bean jelly, ma po tofu, a dish I call Ants on a Tree and they call something else (forgot what) scallion pancake, lobster with ginger and scallion, and bok choy. Everything was good but nothing blew me away. Maybe my expectations were too high--I thought it might be SO much better than the Szechuan we have here in the Seattle area, but it wasn't. But if I lived in the area I'd definitely return there when I wanted Szechuan. I'll have to try Spicy and Tasty my next visit.
  7. kiliki

    Per Se

    In the past few years, I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed by well regarded/high end restaurants. So many times I've been presented with gorgeous, creative food, but nothing that I crave later, or that I even would like seconds of. So I didn't really have really high expectations for Per Se for our visit over Labor Day weekend. But it was spectacular. I would have liked seconds or thirds of everything. I can't wait to go again on our next trip.
  8. Thanks, I'd heard so much about the wait I assumed they didn't take reservations. I like to make these whenever possible too.
  9. Or, if we go at lunch, is the full menu available? (Sorry I have so many questions!)
  10. If we go early (~6) on a Saturday, should I expect a long wait?
  11. Thanks guys. Szechuan is probably my favorite cuisine and I love trying new places when I travel. I'm interested to see how they do my favorite dishes--particularly fish in fire water/fish in water/boiled fish (so many names for this dish!). Also crab preparations--my local fave has a Szechuan dungeness crab that is one of the best things you could ever eat, but maybe in NYC they'll have lobster? Oh and PICKLES.
  12. So for a visitor that wants to stay in Manhattan, would you all recommend SG or Grand Sichuan or someplace else instead?
  13. Anyone tried Joe's Ginger? I've read the XLB are as good as Joe's Shanghai (same owner I think), but without the wait.
  14. Joan, hello, I believe we have chatted on Slow Travel and Fodors (you recently encouraged me to ask Paris Perfect for a shorter stay). It seems we have the same taste in apartements AND restaurants! Thanks for your other recommendations. I'm planning on eating at Le Clos and Au Bon Acceuil (besides the CC restaurants) and I'm interested in La Cuisine as well. We've eaten at Les Ambassadeurs but not at L'Obe--thanks for the suggestion.
  15. I read in another thread that Les Elyees lost both its stars due to the chef change. Is that common, that BOTH stars are taken away? The previous post has a very positive review, which is good to read. Does anyone who has eaten there before the chef change and also after have any comments?
  16. It's on John's list above and looked at the menu online, I'm very interested.
  17. John, that's very helpful, thank you so much!
  18. Yes I've been to those as well. If you're staying a block from one of his restaurants you're staying about a block from all of them. It's hard for me to quanitfy what I love about them, especially since they are different, but every dish I've had at all of them has been fantastic. Every time. Even a simple green bean and mushroom salad--I still swoon when I think about it. Try the cafe at least.
  19. I'm a huge fan of Chef Constant's restaurants. We have another trip coming up and we're in such a rut (a happy rut) eating at some of his places twice in one trip. Do any other restaurants spring to mind as places I should try, knowing how much I like his food? I feel a bit silly asking this, knowing that I get very different types of meals at Les Coccettes vs. Les Fables, but I love them all. We staying in the 7th but will journey anywhere.
  20. On my one visit I noticed only one other table of Americans, but I know it is mentioned in many guidebooks. We too had good food and lovely service and ambiance (sitting under the arcade). I remember my sole muniere was 37 euros so yes, a bit pricey (I enjoy Fables de la Fontaine, right on the other side of the fountain, more, for seafood, but the two restaurants are different styles so I shouldn't compare). We stayed in an apartment on Rue St Dominique for our honeymoon, and have stayed very close 2 other times, and it was pretty cool seeing footage of the presidential motercade going up "our" street, past "our" restaurants like Cafe Constant (where people were hanging out of the second floor windows to get a picture).
  21. kiliki

    Brussels Sprouts

    I made this Brussel sprout salad recipe from Saveur for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit--it was fantastic. It's raw, shaved sprouts, which I'd never done (I also don't have a mandoline, but a knife worked fine), with pecorino, toasted walnuts, and a lemon/olive oil dressing. Be sure its well seasoned with salt and pepper. http://saveur.com/article/Food/Brussels-Sprouts-Salad
  22. Isn't is ridiculous how impossible it is to get these at a breakfast place? I've seen so many places mix raw grated potato in with regular pancake batter and call it a potato pancake--blech. Maybe in some parts of the country you can get good ones? I agree--I make those too and they are the best I've had as well.
  23. I ended up making smaller versions of the Butternut squash, shittake mushroom and goat cheese turnovers from this month's Food and Wine and they were a hit. They travel well, are fine at room and are very "fall" so if anyone needs something like that this season, I'd recommend them.
  24. Agreed. I eat them year round, for breakfast or dinner. It would be my "last meal", I think. If it doesn't have egg and binder, it's hash browns, not a pancake. A pancake isn't a shape, it's a flat cake made with BATTER.
  25. What about hors d'oeuvres that don't have to be served hot? Ones that you can bring to a potluck that will fare well as they sit out on a table for hours?I know I can do antipasti, cheese, etc, but I'd like to make something. And I'd like it to be finger food rather than a salad. All year I've been making a crab-mango salad dressed with a lime vinagrette in wonton cups (these are a HUGE hit), but I've brought that to three neighborhood functions already this year and I need something different. Ideas?
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