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  1. There's a relatively new Indian food take-out place on the same block as Plum Pomidor that is surprisingly good. On the east side of Bway at about 171 is a place called something like AquaMere (not the right name but close - on the northeast corner). They have an early bird dinner special for $10/person with a glass of wine. Good food. Coogans I found to be overly expensive pub food. The clientele and staff speak more English than is the norm for the Heights. Malecon is the other good place in the hood. Some nice places on 181st west of Broadway, but they're too far from the hospital.
  2. MHesse

    Latkes - the Topic!

    We started out asking the raw latke forming teams to make 3" diameter latkes. Actually let me describe the setup: We had 3 cookers in the kitchen, with a backup person to hand them trays of raw latkes and collect the cooked ones onto other trays covered with papaer towels. Outside the kitchen were four workstations that each had 2-3 graters, several bowls, cheesecloth, and the fixings for 5 pound batches (10 potatoes, 2 onions, plus salt, pepper and matzoh meal, plus intructions. About 8 volunteers worked each table in 2 hour shifts, producting a trays of 36 raw latkes every 10 minutes. Th
  3. MHesse

    Latkes - the Topic!

    About 8 reasonably unknowledgeable men just named as the "Latke Guys" have the assignment to cook 1500 latkes for our congregation members. We have shifts of volunteers coming in to peel and grate and drain and mix. Cooking to be done in 3 skillets on the gas stove and 3 electric skillets. We did a test run last week with 10 pounds of taters and 4 large onions, 6 eggs, some matzoh meal, cooking half in olive oil and half in plain veggie oil. I tried to save the potato starch to mix in, but this was too far out a concept for most of the crew who tossed the drained liquid into the sink. Oh w
  4. I've been looking for a shop that sells Cherry Heering since I got into a discussion about it with a friend of similar age and background. Our parents both had the stuff in their cabinets. One can make a nice cocktail out of it with vodka. Several large liqour stores do not have it; it's in their catalog, but out of stock. Is it still made? Where can it be found? thanks, --Mark
  5. Miss Ellies (on W 79th - if it's still there) serves meatloaf. @SQC is near the Beacon on Columbus and 73rd.
  6. Bruni reviewed Barbes (Morrocan / French) on E 26th Street in the Times today. Gave it one star.
  7. As in Yummo, it smells good already!
  8. L'Express on Park Ave South (about 19th-20th). Open 24 hours too.
  9. Fairway sells a decent veggie chopped liver. The ingredients are on the label. I miss Bagel Nosh (there was one around the corner from me). They had good (if it was fresh) C L which was great on a salt bagel.
  10. Encouraged by government subsidies, the Hydrogen diet sweeps the nation. Weight loss is instantaneous, but air travel is adversely affected.
  11. MHesse


    I finally made it to Devi tonight, accompanied by the wife. We were seated downstairs, which was ok, but not the best place to sit. The Mrs. asked for a table at the end, but it was saved for a party of three. 45 minutes into our meal a party of 2 sat there. Still, nothing really wrong with our seats. It was 5:45pm so the place wasn't crowded at all. We were given our cocktail menus, followed quickly by the food menus. The place was so dimly lit that neither of us could read the drink menus. They turned up the lights a little, and we were eventually able to decipher the 8 point font and had a
  12. Go ahead, laugh at the engineers. It's like the lazy ant laughing at the busy ant, who works hard making sure it's prepared for the challenges of the future. Then who gets to laugh last? I used to be an engineer (if you couldn't tell). Now I'm a teacher, but I still like my stuff organized. What's so scary or amusing about the flowchart? There were verbose descriptions of technique to go with them.
  13. This May makes 21 yeas for us. My entire wedding party fit in one limo (6 of us). Ceremony at rabbi's study in Washington Heights, then back downtown for dinner at Cafe des Artistes. They had a special on DP champagne which is still the best I've ever had. Archie Bunker (err Carol O'Conner) was sitting at a nearby table. My step-daughter got his autograph. Couple weeks later we had the party in our apartment. About 50 people consisting of friends of bride and groom. Quite an interesting mixture. Cake from Dumas! Food from Zabars, Williams, and a Mangeneros Hero. The cat sneaked out wi
  14. Is the Stella Doro bakery plant still open in the Bronx. Good Burgers at the Piper's Kilt on 231st St. Still an IHOP open in Riverdale, I believe.
  15. Surprisingly, pigs in a blanket are not on the menu.
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