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  1. deiger

    Burger Club

    hey elyse, seriously, there is a point to what she says. i worked with a lot of CEO/CIO executive types in my former job and I was constantly amazed at how often they did NOT answer the question in interviews. They often just used the airtime to make their point regardless of the question. Seems very wierd, but I've seen it happen time and time again. Of course, you don't want to come off in the interview like you've lost your marbles... :-) i guess it's just something one practices since it seems very unnatural, and we're all trained to answer the damn question, right? good luck, diane
  2. deiger

    Burger Club

    hey elyse, if there were people interested in the sf bay area, i'd participate. i'm not sure i could "lead" the bunch with having to deal with a 7mo old baby, but i'd try to join in. thx d
  3. deiger

    Burger Club

    Hi Elyse! Thought I'd get in my first official post in your Burger Club section! If you have your rating sheets in an e-form, email it to me and i'll try to get to Bubba's Burgers in Kauai in a couple of weeks. (The things I do for my step-SIL) Thanks for sharing your community with me... I'm having fun already. Is there a Burger Club franchise in the SF bay area? ;-) You'll have to schedule one of your tastings for next Thanksgiving when we're back in NY for our annual visit. ciao bella, diane
  4. Waiting to be read are: Best Food Writing of 2003 (always enjoy those) and "Salt" by Mark Kurlansky. thanks for the thread... i'll off to Amazon shortly. diane
  5. Hello, I'm new to these forums as well (my good friend and step-SIL Elyse tuned me in). I'm not a food professional, but love to cook and also have a wall of cookbooks. My favorites off the top of my head: - Anything by Jacques Pepin (I find his recipes never fail me; a beginner will enjoy the Cooking with Claudine series) - Julia Child's Way to Cook - Chez Panisse Vegetables - The Cake Bible (Rose Levy Berenbaum) and i love to collect regional cookbooks as well and ones from my travels good reading! diane
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