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  1. My husband and I had the pleasure of developing and opening a restaurant with two Italian partners. Claudio turned out to be a lying, thieving crook-cook who thought it would be a good idea for me to sign my name to bad checks. The other, Martina, his partner/FOH/wife, in the space of 6 months, went from mildly psychotic to full-blown CRAZY. Opening night, or maybe the second night, Claudio hucks a 25Kg bag of cinghiale sausage at his Martina, misses her, and it slams me in the legs. Just a few bruises, nothing terrible, but dodging bags of sausage is not my idea of a great work environment. Other nights, note the use of plural, he would bodily pick her up and throw her out the back door, slam it shut...maybe reopen it and throw her handbag at her...then lock the door shut. She was a chain smoker and she'd sit in the kitchen, chain smoking and literally stare a hole in my back. I caught her more than once throwing my knives in the garbage. Generally speaking, I didn't let her come near my knives. As she became more and more psychotic, I genuinely feared for my life. And the parts where Claudio would threaten us with the Cosa Nostra and other assorted Roman thugs... we let that roll off our backs.
  2. First off, Weinoo: I'm shocked your list is so short! You are my favorite curmudgeon! You've all hit on the majors: How's that tasting for ya?, hard butter. What's always struck me as ludicrous is people asking, "Is the fish fresh?" No, actually we're really really worried about getting you sick and we need to move that mushy salmon, so you would please order it? I can see asking, what came in today, if you are at fish restaurant. But, do you seriously expect your wait person to tell you the truth or tell you what he needs to move?
  3. Thanks.. I love this sort of history! I came across an old eBay post where a woman had found an Old Log Cabin Whiskey bottle under her floorboards and she wondered if it was worth anything.
  4. Tuesday sounds good. Where do you want to go?
  5. Old Log Cabin Canadian Whiskey is what lured Bugs Moran's crew to that warehouse in Chicago where they were Valentine's Day Massacred by Al Capone's gang. I googled around but couldn't quite figure it out..is Old Log Cabin Canadian Whiskey and/or Bourbon still being produced?
  6. We had braised rabbit with olives. Is that a bad thing?
  7. Grazie mille ragazzi!! You guys give good blog! Big fun. I'm inspired to make my own pancetta!
  8. Great photos guys. R&D is incredible. May have to get a stash to take to Utah...herring isn't native to Utah. johnder: even a Tuscan won't eat a fried egg, maybe it's those northern Piedmontese heathens? Those pig shots were incredible. That meat looks smoked...it looks so...compact. Not loose and raw fleshy if that makes any sense. It was great to see it broken down like that. Thanks. Enjoy the snow!
  9. Were you at Bathalzars this morning? I must have just missed you...mmmmm.....sticky buns.
  10. I have no problem conceding to John, with the following parenthetically noted: 1. Dessert was not a necessary component of the meal. It was the two courses. 2. One of my "Italo-centric" friends, who shall remain nameless at this juncture, had a not very nice thing to say about the fried egg on the pasta. Poached or raw, yes. Fried, never! I think everyone is on John's bandwagon because of his booze stash... . Me too !! 'I have a name and I stand by my opinion...raw or barely poached...never fried. I say Weinoo wins on risotto, and Johnder wins on scallops and I think Sam needs a violin instead of voice lessons because that's a lot of winging goin' on! However, his kale wins hands down.
  11. Flaming orange peel is where it's at.
  12. In case you want a roundup of Martinez recipes:http://bit.ly/hu6dya Thanks to a conversation with Weinoo, my personal cocktail guru. PS I'll go out on a limb here...there is NO definitive version.
  13. In Italy, for two, approximately 35-40 euro a week with wine In New York, for two, approximately $150-200 with some wine
  14. I was supposed to get some work done this morning and instead I got sucked in to all the glorious food and cocktails. Both dinners looked superb. I love the brothy-scallop-vegetable thing. Weinoo: any pancetta, guanciale in that kale? For those of you judging the competition, both of these fine competitors had a huge handicap yesterday. It was hard as hell to get any fresh vegetables or herbs or meat or anything else that was on the grocery list. Too much snow in the streets. But clearly, these guys rose to the occasion. Bravi!!
  15. Big fun guys! Johnder that is one helluva whiskey collection, and your kitchen is the stuff Manhattan dreams are made of. Can't believe no one has gone on a riff about Jeffrey's Meat Market yet...not the meat market, but Jeffrey. Let's just say...he's unique. Looking forward to the Eataly haul. Which will require true dedication because the weather is crippity-crappity today. Blog on!
  16. Can anyone go to Cocktail Kingdom, or only if accompanied by Someone Special? That place looks amazing. Please tell me the book is being safely stored. I'm completely and totally jealous. That sandwich shop is simply gorgeous. I just don't like sandwiches, never did, so I don't really 'get it' as the sign says, but I'd still like to visit. Mitch, my starter never looks that soupy, mine usually looks like partially risen dough and I'll use up to 40 or 50% starter. Whole different approach. Interesting.
  17. Weinoo, very interesting on the pot lids. I have severe pot lid issues. Is there a rack behind the stove or do they just stay up by the handles? What about splatter?
  18. hathor

    Extra Coarse Salt

    Roast shrimp on top of the salt. Spread a layer of salt on a baking sheet. Using scissors, horizontally cut the top of a shrimp shell off. Lay the shrimp on the salt, shell side down and broil. If you are feeling garlic hungry, finely chop parsley & garlic and lay it between the bottom half of the shell and the shrimp body. Finish with olive oil when serving. Use the coarse salt for salting the pasta water. or the potato water. or the vegetable water.
  19. hathor

    Pasta serving sizes

    I second Maureen's take on this. When we had the restaurant in Italy, 100g was the portion size. For spaghetti noodles, I figure on one handful per person, and the handful is the diameter of a quarter. I've also been known to bellow: "Small, medium, or large?" to the assembled diners and then take my cue from there. And eventually we have a dinner with odd sized noodles.
  20. Good lord, it's the Holy Trinity blogging this week! Buckle your seat belts it's gonna be a bumpy ride! Tuesday cocktail suggestion: Martinez An oldie but goodie that deserves more attention. Mystery Basket Competition: In an effort to add some spice to this blog, I'm offering 1 pound of Stumptown coffee to the one who comes up with them best efforts in this competition. Can we add a poll to this thread? (Coming clean: I have a pound of Stumptown, but no grinder, and I was going to give it to Mitch anyway, but this is more interesting.)
  21. And of course, you inflate the cost of the portion just a bit to give you some hedge room...and if you come in way under, you're a hero. Give it your best shot. Under the circumstances, this a 'best guess' scenario.
  22. Green cardamon pods. Funny, "perfumy" pockets of flavor.
  23. L'Opera di Bartolomeo Scappi I know. I'm a geek. But it's really great history.
  24. You've hit the nail on the head. The evidence is murky and conflicting. Monterey will say AVOID, Blue Ocean will say OK and if you are standing in front of the fishmonger, he's probably going to tell you what you want to hear. It's virtually impossible to get this sort of info in Italy. When I went to Salone del Gusto in Torino this fall, I asked some of the tuna guys what the story was, and they basically told me not to worry my pretty little head. This is why this dinner bothered me. There is already so little transparency and so much confusion and this dinner just adds to it
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