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  1. thanks Dan any chance of getting some of those names? i will certainly be trying as many of the local spirits as i can locate!!
  2. going to croatia for a sailing vacation next week. i need tips on places to eat, markets anything i should look out for in Split, Dubrovnick, or anything in between? anyone with info please let me know i am going in blind thanks
  3. Fortnum and Mason sell teas online in the US, the site is www.fortnumandmason-usa.com
  4. maher

    Bedouin roasters

    thanks it is pimarily yemeni beans, i will experiment with some others and report back. i have ordered some different varieties from sweet marias but have not received them yet. i tried different heat levels without much success in changing the result
  5. I have been experimenting with using a heavy cast iron rounded skillet that is used traditionally in the Middle East as a bedouin coffee roaster, usually over an open fire. Results have been fantastic for very dark roasts (espresso, and Arabic coffee) but not so much for lighter roasts where i am getting a lot of unevenness in the roast. Can i get advice from people who are doing stovetop roasting what they are doing to get more evenness in the roast? i am stirring constantly but that does not seem to be enough over the 8-10 minutes of a medium roast... it seems to be fine over the 12-14 minutes of a dark roast though.
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