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  1. Humans also do not have receptors for pesticides, yet some pesticides stimulate hormonal activities in humans despite the different molecular structures. The reason why is still unknown.
  2. Sometimes a sudden and swift ending is better than 'morphing'. I have been sick about Marshall Field's morphing into Macy's; I took the girls there to see the store windows for the last time. P'raps they'll try to approximate the show next year, but we won't go. Changing hands and management would only wilt and erode the backbone that gave Berghoff's its air. If Dairy Queen Buys out Margie's Candies I'm sure as hell not going back! The Murals are a shame though, no way around it.
  3. Ah le bouchon! It's been too long... What a fabulous use of your flickr account. I think I will have to copycat your idea. It's too lovely not to! edited for articles in all the wrong places
  4. I follow my 'english' order- medium for example, with an apologetic- I'm saving the Italian terms for when I actually order coffee in Italy. It'll make it more special." The kids appreciate it. They know it's bogus.
  5. Actually, I was raised in the south, but by well meaning, uncurious northerners. I've been short on cash too- thanks to my post and these awesome answers it will all turn around. My place for hoppin' john? What would be the perfect beer to put with it? Hmmmmm..
  6. My friend, do not put a cutting board on your stove. Get the kind that inserts into your sink. Hole for scraping carrot tops optional. Fancy cabinet type store should help you.
  7. One of the most romantic and fun trips I ever planned involed blowing through Memphis New Year's eve. It was the only evening of the week I didn't plan, and we just picked this dive. It was great- country music and a friendly crowd. Happy Serendipity. Here's the food part- Right before the new year, the staff hurriedly passed out little bowls of ham and beans. No one seemed surprised, but my man & I raised our eyebrows at each other and politely ate them. Is this- not to sound juvenile- a thing?
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