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  1. Never seen scrapple in stores here, will look for it next shopping trip. We make our own once or twice every winter...just corn meal in ours.
  2. Oops, forgot to include the food I wouldn't want to see around. Lutefisk. Tried it a couple times...no good...even with lots and lots of melted butter on it. For me I believe it is the smell that turns me off.
  3. Hmmm, escargot is one of my favorite things, it's the chewy texture for me.
  4. WolfChef

    Pressure Cooking

    If you are interested in a good cookbook for pressure cooking, try: _Cooking Under Pressure_ by Lorna J. Sass.
  5. I have one, and have debated purchasing at least one more. It is used all the time in our kitchen, in fact for myself it's almost as indespensible as say a knife or saute pan, but then again we makes lots of stocks and sauces. Alton is right if you would only need to fine strain something a couple times a year, but if it is a couple times a week/month then I'd get the chinois.
  6. snort wasabi. Just kidding, still laughing at that video.
  7. Over the weekend a relative was telling of how he once attended a cowboy style cookout where one site was deepfrying whole t-bone steaks. He said it was quite good, but like a turkey you need a very big pot and lots of oil.
  8. WolfChef

    Whole striploin

    We buy a couple of whole strips every year, and used to cut em into 8-10 oz steaks for grilling. A year ago we bought two for a large party and my grill isn't big enough for this many steaks, so I roasted them. Salt, pepper and thyme, they were a huge hit, in fact I havn't cut em into steaks since. Always roast em now. I start out at high temp 550 f in the convection till there is some really nice browing (about 20 minutes, give or take) then drop the temp down to 275-300 and no convection. Cook to rare in the center. Because of the relative thinness of the strip loin you'll have plenty of variation in doneness from the ends in.
  9. The deep fried moonpie is right up there with the peeps, except the peeps are quasi life like; sorta like you fried a ortolan.
  10. Have you tried Rey Azteca in Chanhassen? 952-934-6126. What are you specifically looking for when you say "great and I mean great"?
  11. Breaded, deep fried and served on a garlic buttered roll. I'll take two.
  12. Snowangel would you come over to my house and explain this concept to my wife...maybe she would listen to someone else say this. It's come to no one is allowed to clean my cast iron or black steel pans...ever. If they use em, then just leave em sit on the stove and I'll take care of em. I'll put one of my seasoned black steel pans up against any non-stick pan in the world.
  13. Just curious, how do you store a 5 year batch? Canning or freezing? Is it as good at five years as say a month or two? Sorry I can't help with where to find ready made schmaltz.
  14. I've deep fried parsley, and I bet someone out there has deep fried this and ate it. BTW, the parsley wasn't worth the effort.
  15. WolfChef

    mushy shrimp

    The shrimp were dead too long before they were cooked or frozen. Same thing happens to lobster.
  16. Pour it all out, not just some; so you can see if there is anything in the bottom.
  17. Lori in PA this quote would make a great signature.
  18. What does the vinegar inside the cruet look like after a few hours? Is it full of bubbles, discolored or is there any sediment in it? Personally I wouldn't use it, what if there is lead in the ceramic bottle or glaze? Stick it on a shelf.
  19. Oh dear. You aren't gonna like the bar when I'm behind it. And you've got that great big hockey stick, too . . . ← I don't know it just ruins it for me when I have to yell my order in the bartenders ear or have someone's spit end up in my ear when they are yelling at me. Yeah right, a 8 1/2 pound hockey stick.
  20. How about Shaklee or maybe Meulalueca? My grandma used to sell Shaklee and I remember it as a concentrated detergents for various household uses...Basic I, Basic H etc that were clear and had little or now fragrence and were sold in various sized containers including large/bulk.
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