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  1. Baaja Fresh was bought by Wendy's so that Wendy's could have a foothold in this market to keep up with McDonalds purchase of Chipotle Grill. How about an "Asian" style baja taco? You could probably find moo shi pancakes, and use a good local fish, season with soy, pickled ginger, and daikon radish. You could make millions..:)
  2. I moved to Boston in 1978 and fine dining was pretty much limited to Lockes, Maison Robert, Ritz Dining Room and Cafe Budapest. Lockes and the Ritz are the only survivors.
  3. Locke Ober is still here..after a nice face lift a few years ago. Did a great job and retained the old feel. Lydia Shire runs the restaurant and the food is great too. Seating is more in tune with modern times.
  4. Based on my last trip to Barking Crab a few weeks ago, I'd rank it better than BC. BC wasn't bad..Clam Box just had a better hand on the fryer. Compared to the North Shore, Clam Box was right up there. Maybe not up to the "best" I've had on the North Shore, but as good as most. Wollaston has the advantage of being a shorter bike ride from downtown.
  5. Had a very good fried clam roll at the Clam Box in Quincy. Very fresh, medium sized bellies, well cooked. Nice view of bay. Good choice if you're in the area.
  6. New Lei Jing was so dead that it has closed recently. I'll second (third, fourth)?? the Chau Chau City recommendation. For the best experience, insist on the 3rd floor..even if they say there's a long wait...they just want to fill the lower floors..I try to get there by 11 AM. Pacific Garden is also excellent; but order off the menu..not a "traditional dim sum" cart experience.
  7. I had a great Portuguese meal at Sagres in Fall River... http://chowhound.com/newengland/boards/new...ages/11739.html
  8. 9lives

    Shad Roe

    These guys may be able to overnight it. I haven't used them personally but I've heard very good things. http://www.browne-trading.com/
  9. 9lives

    Shad Roe

    I think it was $9.50/ lb. Does that sound right? I bought a big sword steak and they added it together. Looked much better than the ones I saw at Savenors..which I'm sure cost more. Funny thing, the fish monger, who's a second generation (at least)owner of the mkt asked if I liked shad roe. My truthful answer, I'd had it a few times but hadn't much cared for it...but wanted to give it another try." I asked him if he'd ever had it..answer was no.
  10. 9lives

    Shad Roe

    Bought a few shad roe at Giuffre's Seafood on Salem St in the North End..sauteed in a little butter...fabulous. Also beautiful swordfish steak, cut to order from a mid size fish.
  11. I tried Jerry's last week. Called ahead for the white Sicilian and a meatball regular pie. The regular was good but a notch below Regina's or any of the top New Haven places. The white Sicilian was "interesting" but I wasn't crazy about the flavors. Glad I tried it though...funny thing, most customers were doing takeout with 2 or more pies.
  12. 9lives

    No. 9 Park

    I think the bar at 9 Park is 1 of the best spots in Boston. I recently shared a meal of sweebreads, roast duck, lobster cassoulet, and a roast chicken.
  13. Don't be scared.:) Wanted to mention Mocambo Seafood again.. in CSL. It's a good way to get local color..without being too colorful..:)We went 3 times over a few week period. Get anything with shrimp, or fish filet. They also do a whole fish..usually red snapper, either fried or grilled..called huachinango. . They also offer lobster; but I live in Boston and I'm not a huge fan of Pacific lobster.
  14. Palmilla is a "first class" resort. Beautiful, well maintained resort, fabulous golf course. It's one of the first developed properties in the area. I can't speak specifically to the food at Palmilla; but I'm sure it's high end, to "Americanized" tastes. It's a short cab ride ($20 1 way) or drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas. You can stay there and miss (or avoid..:)) all the "local color" or journey into town. Read my post above about local spots..I'd add El Pescador,..seafood and Tacos el Paisa..carne asada(beef) and baked potatos on an open pit fire..These are local spots but people that run them are very friendly and accomodating to gringos. Enjoy!
  15. Second the El Michoacano rec..btw they charge by weight..kilo, 1/2 kilo, etc. I've been travelling to CSL for 10 years. In general, the best local dining is off the main streets. For seafood, I like Mocambo. It's expanded from a tiny storefront to a large palapa style restaurant. It's been discovered and gets a lot of tourists but it's still excellent. Even better is the smaller Mazatlan. On the marina, behind the Plaza Las Glorias is Solomon's Landing. Owned by a guy from LA, they serve very good tacos..fish and beef..They buy their fish right from the local boats and get their beef from Sonora...in a great spot. I've been disappointed in Mi Casa; but I'm definitely in the minority. I've had a few great meals at Mole Mio..another resaurant that they own..a more contemporary take on Mexican food..on Marina Blvd. For lunch, I like to go to Medano Beach..I like the Office and mango Deck. These places have gotten a lot more expensive than they used to be, but they're still good and a lot of fun. There are a lot of other good places but you need to get a few blocks away from the marina..sorry but I can't recall any more names. Have fun. I'll be down there in a few weeks. If you have time, check out Todos Santos..hour or so North. I like Los Adobes, a taco place on the way into town, and there's good seafood place..can't recall the name but ask in town.
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