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  1. cbarre02


    My brother is moving to Misawa this spring, and will be liveing there for the next 3 years. He is a bit of a foodie, and i was wondering if you all could help me out a bit? Maybe some suggestions of food destination, local food culture, unique items to the area. All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, Cory
  2. the micheal kane and marco pierre white book... canteen
  3. My brother has just been stationed in minot ND and asked me if i knew places to dine out. I figured if any one could help it would be the egullet crew. Thanks in advance! (I've also put this on the heartland)
  4. my girlfriend and i will be in the winston salem / greensboro area for 3 days. We are going on a whirlwind BBQ tour of NC, and wondered what else there is. If any one out there had some suggestion on some fine dining locations, great local dinner spots, as well as a decent breakfast spot it would be welcome. Thanks in advance, cory
  5. breakfast at the bunnery, we were there last spring and breakfast was delicous, and inexpensive.
  6. Has anyone been over yet? I believe opening was on new years eve, but i have yet to see a menu posted.
  7. Thanks to you all for stoping in for dinner at lola, it was pleasure to have you. I only regret that i didn't have the chance to enjoy the rest of the weekend with all of you. thanks again, cory... cbarre02
  8. Your all killing me!!!!! No dessert places?
  9. my girlfriend and i will be taking a trip to the yellow stone jackson hole area at the end of may... I don't expect to have any food "experiences", however i was wondering if any one could suggest any good food spots. Thanks, cory
  10. About the 6a.m. dessert... i don't see it coming off the menu any time soon. The dessert menu can change at anytime, and often does. In fact a new one is on special right now and might go on menu next week. The bacon ice cream thing seems to be a favorite of many, and it isn't seasonal in any way, so i think it will be there until we or the diners get tired of it.... but it's bacon, who gets tired of that?
  11. actually i live right downtown, can see public square from my apartment.
  12. Where is it? including all the burbs. I've been jones'n for a good one.
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