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  1. Noche Buena hasn't been exported to the US since the late 1990's. The FEMSA brands were once imported by Labatt USA here, but the beers have since been picked up by Heineken USA. Realizing that those fact don't mean much in Canada where Sleeman imports the FEMSA brands- but one would guess if FEMSA withdrew it from the much larger US market, they might have done the same for Canadian distribution. I suppose a call/e-mail to Sleeman would answer the question. ← Thanks....will try that as well.
  2. have you tried firefly? ← nothing on their web site, but I will give them a call in theam. Thanks.......
  3. I am desperate to find this Beer In Vancouver! Anyone out there know if its available from any odd sources? Seems as if its impossible.....Any help will be very much appreciated.
  4. cjs

    baking for 200

    Made carrot cake today. It turned out awesome!!! and I increased a recipe I found on-line by way alot and it still worked out. Lucky me. I'm dealing with recipes where the flour measurment alone is aprox. 12lbs. Think I'm over my baking fear. Thanks for all the suggestions people................
  5. sorry to butt in....................what is "self rising flour" and can I sub regular or pastry flour in lieu of?
  6. cjs

    baking for 200

    So I learned 2 things today. Don't over fill the baking sheets (which are 17"x24") and don't try to ice the cakes while they are still warm..................doh! icing everywhere..........*sigh* live and learn. A baker I am NOT.
  7. cjs

    baking for 200

    Not very good with guesstamets..............but I'd say 24"X 36" aprox. Standard sheet pan size.
  8. cjs

    baking for 200

    thanks.............thats actually the one recipe I have, although they do come out a bit too dry. I need a source for recipes. a book or a web site site...........?????
  9. I am currently working in an institutional setting and I need to bake simple things for 200 teenagers. I'm thinking sheet cake type recipes..........carrot cake, spice, chocolate, banana bread. I have gone online to look, but am having no luck. I'm not much of a baker and I am leary about increasing recipes. any help would be appreciated.
  10. ok....this was definatley one of the funniest threads! I especially loved the mushroom story, where she screamed so loud biting into one, they heard her down the street. Too much!! Myself I don't think I could ever eat a raw oyster. just the thought of it makes me want to gag. I mean your not supposed to chew them right? Someone else said this in another thread I think. So why eat them? yak!
  11. They banned it because it was inhumane??!! Jesus! Anybody ever see one of those chicken trucks drive past them? The ones where the chickens are squashed in all mashed up but not quite dead yet? Had the unpleasant experience of walking my then small children down the street one day, when one of these chicken trucks drove by and christ if a half dead chicken didn't fall out and try to drag itself along before it got run over! right infront of my kids. So why aren't we "banning" chicken?
  12. I think over the years I've made literally gallons of the stuff! I cook it directly ontop of the broiler, just have to watch carfully. Basically there are 2 ways to screw up.... 1 too hot & 2 adding the butter too fast.
  13. cjs

    Kitchen Language

    k, i'll play.............we call chopped parsley for garnish hashish.....why? who knows.
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