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  1. Article from the Chronicle re: chefs and farmers markets.
  2. Hi all- Sorry, but I feel off the baking wagon for a while - husband's law school graduation, work, inlaws visiting, more work, away for the the weekend, more work. Ya'll get the idea, I'm sure. I'm afraid I never finished my pebble bread. I got it started and then got so busy I never finished. Will have to start over some time. I'm out of town Friday through Sunday AM, but I am off next Monday of course and hope to squeeze in some baking - that is, when I am not lounging in the pool.
  3. I finally had a chance to go the market this weekend. It's small, but there are some marvelous vendors. I got some lovely sunflowers, blueberries, tequila/ancho/almond chocolate, linzer tart, and a grilled veggie sandwich. Of course, I sampled much more. An urban gardener had the most amazingly big beautiful cabbage! Hoping I can return again very soon.
  4. arbuclo- Not wanting to tarnish my baking reputation too severely, I, of course, took a picture of the only two that looked fairly decent. I did attempt all the shapes. The pinwheels and turnovers came out best, but even most of those came apart. One of my problems, methinks, is using too much filling. Can there be too much filling?
  5. I finally finished the danishes! They taste great (I chose the almond and apricot fillings). The dough was nice and flakey. BUT, the majority of them came out butt ugly!! All the fold overs came apart. I'll be trying this recipe again. I will not accept defeat!
  6. Oh, I am drooling over the danishes! I did not get mine done. I was at a fitness event Thursday evening through Saturday night, and, well, I could barely move yesterday. It was worth it, though. I will try to catch up this coming weekend.
  7. Ah, a thread discussing just what I was looking for. I will be in the Finger Lakes area mid-June. Oddly enough, I was born in this area but don't get back but every 3-5 years. I have one day free from other obligations. I will hike Watkins Glen in the AM and hit a couple of wineries in the afternoon. Then I must drive on to Oneida. If you could only pick 2 wineries to visit, which would you choose?
  8. Oh, I wanna do the Danish!! I'm tied up through Saturday, but I can do it Sunday.
  9. The naan was pretty simple, although the first one I made came out super ugly. We ate it to put it out of its misery. I really like the saltiness of the this bread. My pebble bread sponge is doing its thing. Won't be baking it until tomorrow.
  10. Oh crud - I just went and bought my barley flour, too! Well, I will do pebble and, if time, naan as well.
  11. Last night I went home and grabbed my BWJ thinking, "What was it that Seth suggested? page 150'ish or something." I opened the book and it fell open to the pebble bread. It's fate - I'm in.
  12. Wurstfest Houston International Festival Germanfest - this weekend!
  13. I love rhubarb, but I will be freezing my tuckus off in Fargo this weekend. Can't wait to see some pics.
  14. The Chocolate Bar on W Alabama in Houston is fairly good. They have great home made ice creams, too.
  15. Boy, these Ka'kat were easy to make, weren't they? I'm not sure if I taste the mahleb either, but they do taste good - I just ate three of them!
  16. You'll also want to do a search using the spelling "Kransekake." I've got my Norwegian grandmother's recipe for this at home. I always grind my own almonds (VERY finely).
  17. I'm in. Thanks for selecting one of my suggestions.
  18. I was flipping through the book earlier and marked a couple of things that caught my eye: Ka'kat on page 150 Danish Pastry Pockets on page 200 Tourte Miilanese on page 423 (this one came up before as a possibility) I also have a question. I bought a banneton for my Walnut Bread because I wanted my to look pretty like mdt's. Now that I've invested in this, how do I care for it? Do you wash it? shake it out? other? I'm afraid I don't know.
  19. Seth- your Matzo's are beautiful. Did you make the babas as well? I've been busy trying to catch up this weekend - Berry Galette, Petit Fours, and Mixed Starter/Walnut Breads What is in store for next weekend?
  20. Foodie 52 - I am a card carrying member of the Peeps Fan Club. Have been four about 4 years now, I think. I was most dismayed to receive the recent letter stating the club was going to be strictly online from now on. No more Peepy newsletters or birthdays cards.
  21. I'm back in the game this weekend and have purchased the necessary items to make Florentine Squares, including a new 9X9 pan. We are doing Petit Fours rights? I am also going to make last weekends berry galette.
  22. Saw a big sign on the back of T'afia this evening. Anyone been? Anyone going? Anyone selling? I can't make it tomorrow, but will try for next weekend.
  23. The weekend has just flown by, but I did get the Pizza with Onion Confit done. The picture came out a bit dark Along with the confit I added black olives and fresh parmasean. It was really good. The pizza crust came out nicely. I also made some lemon bars from the Barenbaum Christmas Cookie book - yum! - highly lemony I have squirreled away my 2 oz of dough for the Mixed Starter Bread and will try to squeeze that in in the next couple of days. Going to be in Pittsburgh next weekend so will not be able to join in on next weekend's activities.
  24. Wow - these brownies are seriously fudgey!! Didn't have time for the X cookies this weekend, but I will try to squeeze them in later.
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