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  1. We went to Topwater Sunday afternoon. It was great to eat outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. We ordered Bobbers (crab balls for an appetizer), but they didn't come until after our meals... My mother and I both had the grilled stuffed shrimp, which were very good. My huband had a burger (not a seafood kinda guy). Aside from the appetizer mixup, a good time was had by all. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Wow - the breads look marvelous. I had to take a pass on the bread as my mother was in town this past weekend. I'm in for whatever comes this weekend, though.
  3. Do you mean the one on the Gulf Fwy?
  4. My second attempt at the cheesecake came out much better than the first. Although I still think I could have cooked it a bit longer.
  5. Does one just drop in at Topwater Grill, or do I make a reservation? We will go either Saturday or Sunday evening.
  6. Greetings! I need opinions, and they are usually easy to come by on eGullet. My mother is visiting from Ohio this weekend, and one of the things she would like to do is eat good seafood in Galveston. We want good food, nice atmosphere, but casual dress still ok. I have some restaurant names. Would you recommend any of these or another? Salsas Brothers Petronella Saltwater Grill Rudy T and Paco (I understand this is spicy, yes? May have to scratch this one if so.) Clary's Seafood Thanks a bunch!
  7. Well, I wrapped in double foil, but water got in there anyway. It was tasty mush, but still mush. I'm going to try this again during the week. I'm going to buy real cheesecake pan right now. You can never have enough bakeware, right?
  8. How about Chocolate-Mascarpone Cheesecake on page 256-258?
  9. I will have to look at the book again tonight when I get home, but I'm remembering a chocolate mascarpone and something else cheesecake.... Oh, and I also just happened to see Alton Brown on cheesecakes over the weekend.
  10. Pizza Rustica Well, my lattice work needs a lot more practice, too. After I laid it down, I wanted to redo it, but was afraid it would break apart. Will do it differently next time. Mine is still cooling, but it looks good. Adding to say that my husband has requested something chocolate for next week. Do we take requests?
  11. What an honor to have you drop in on our thread. As a novice home baker, I'd like to say that the cookbook is fabulous. I'm am learning so much from it. Thanks to you, Julia, and all the chefs for the energy, work, and care you put into it.
  12. Here's my focaccia. The ugly one in the back left has bruschetta on it. The back right has olive oil, garlic, spinich, tomato, and parmasean. The one in front I call Serrano y Manchego. I hope they taste good. Adding to say that the Serrano and Manchego tastes marvelous on this bread. The saltiness is just right.
  13. I live in Pearland, TX...sadly, no orchards anymore.
  14. I just stuck my dough in the fridge, so I won't be done until tomorrow. But I wanted to say that the dough gave my Kitchen Aid a run for the money too. I literally had to hold onto it while mixing so it didn't walk away. It did keep working though. Seth - your focaccia look scrumptious! P.S. - I vote for the Pizza Rustica (mostly because I have never made puff pastry before but I could cheat and shamelessly use store bought).
  15. Added a picture of my brioche. Didn't have mini-loaf pans, so just did them free form. They taste magnifico! Brioche
  16. The tarts look wonderful! My brioche is on its final rise right now...better late than never! My syrup and frosting are ready and waiting. I got use the almond grinder that I got for Christmas - sweet!! I will skip the tart for now and be caught up with you all for next weekend.
  17. A "friend," quite broke at the time, once ate an entire box of saltines. The crunch was a pleasant distraction.
  18. Unfortunately, I was ill most of the weekend (and sadly still am....darned flu!) I did purchase my brioche ingredients, though. So, maybe I will get to it later this week. Kudos to all of you who finished!
  19. Just adding to say that the new METRO light rail runs between downtown and the museum district, so staying downtown and still being able to get to the museums should not be an issue. On another note, my husband ate lunch at Ikon today. Says the decor is impressive (old building, tall ceilings, tall columns). Very professional staff. But, food did not live up to the expectations set by the rest of the restaurant's tone (he ate Artichoke Almond Lemon Salad and the New York Strip with a soy caramel sauce). They do have well priced lunch specials, especially if you like lobster and steak.
  20. Challah Valhalla I'm sure I did this the hard way, but at least you'll be able to see it. Boy, does this stuff taste good.
  21. Mine loaves just came out of the oven. Can't wait for them to cool, so I can eat it! I've never made challah before. The recipe worked like a charm for me in terms of timing. My braiding was better on the second loaf then the first, but I am overall pleased. Can't wait for our next assignment. Tried to post pic, but it is not working the way I think it should!
  22. I'd like to join in on the festivities, too. I have to go to Phoenix this weekend, so will have to save the Challah for another time. But I am in for whatever is in store for the next weekend.
  23. Gave mostly non-food items this year but, for my peanut butter loving brother sent some spicy PB and PB jelly beans from here. Also sent Burdick chocolates to my father and stepmother. Got: Fresh deer jerky (from my BIL's recent hunting trip) Almond grinder Two wine and two water glasses for my set of crystal (Fostoria Moonbeam) Colorado Cache cookbook Bottle of Kabinette fresh from Koblenz (courtesy of another BIL in Air Force) Cheap fondue set I understand there is a belated box still on its way, too!
  24. Cardamom Mint Raisins, figs, and dates
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