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  1. Ivory>copper>* I orderd some ivory for a sit-down for 40ty last month. Pan seared it with a dijon-demi and sweetcorn. People loved it.
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    Dinner! 2003

    Here's what i cooked at work tonight. We had a sit-down for 28ppl. They got a little app, "Stuffed Bluecrab Ravoil w/ basil oil", and this pic is a "Filet's w/ mush/veal-demi Artheart Mashed and Baby-veg. Turned out kinda nice. And alittle MousseCake with Bal/reduction. The only one picture i got is the Prime (used my sanyo8100), but i think chef's got them from the last time we served it. Anyhoot, :D
  3. Thanks for the replys.. Well.. yes as i search around alittle more this topic has blown up, along with others. So im not going to burn polenta cake
  4. Hey... I was lerking around and saw that Charlie is putting out another book. There's lots of talk down here in San Diego (CA) kitchens about Charlies work. We dont really get to see much of the RAw foods that he and so many other chefs have jumped too. My question is... What's everyones feeling about foods thats not been fully cooked. I know the Nutritional value of foods that are cooked to (118) degrees hold more health benys. But where do we draw this line. I guess this mainly goes for foods like veggies and some fish and or meats. But when is this conversion going to take place; in our k
  5. Yeah... San Diego has some great food. Fresh, Roppongi, Pamplemousse Grille, Chive, Mr. A's, Laurel's on 5th.. Theres tones of great food down here. Just gota find it. Also..the time has past(july20-Sept10)-but the Del Mar Horse Racing Track has some great Pacific Rim food. If you can make it up to 4th-5th floor theres the Pacific Classic Room where you can order anything from Potstickers to Braised Duck. This is my first post.. So here's alittle of my work...its taken with my phone cam 8100 sanyo. Stuffed Dover w/ Blue crab mousse topped with SunDried Roma and Roasted Yellow Bell Beurre Bla
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