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  1. merstar

    Breakfast! 2013

    Half a pomegranate.
  2. merstar

    Stuffed Mushrooms

    I do stuffed button mushrooms with a filling of mushroom stems, onions, spinach, breadcrumbs, Parmigiano Reggiano, spices and herbs. I drizzle them with a little extra virgin olive oil before baking, and I don't prebake them.
  3. I made this for the upteenth time with some tweaks. My favorite coffee cake! STREUSEL TOPPED TRIPLE BERRY COFFEE CAKE http://www.food.com/recipe/streusel-topped-triple-berry-coffee-cake-47953
  4. I use it mostly to reheat things, but I've also baked brownies and cornbread in it. I always use it for baked potatoes.
  5. Tonight was a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese.
  6. Thanks, Kerry! I couldn't believe how great it turned out - I kept spooning it out of the bowl to taste, and had to force myself to stop! After all, I need to save some to pour over vanilla ice cream!
  7. Actually, I went ahead and melted them with a little heavy cream, and it resulted in a beautiful, smooth sauce. I added a tsp vanilla extract, and the sauce tasted delicious - way better than the original truffles.
  8. I have a box of truffles that are good, but not great - my homemade ones are much better. So, I want to make something out of them. I don't want to use them to stick inside molten chocolate cakes or chocolate cupcakes, so I was wondering what would happen if I remelted them over a double boiler. I checked online, and couldn't find any information. Would they be totally ruined if I remelted them to make a sauce? If they can be remelted, should I add a little cream and/or butter?
  9. I made my favorite deep dark Devil's Food Cake, filled and frosted with a chocolate ganache. Adapted from Chocolatier Magazine.
  10. Tonight is kasha varnishkes.
  11. merstar

    Breakfast! 2013

    Today was a fresh fruit salad with pineapple, bananas, grapes, and chopped toasted almonds.
  12. I made this with red, orange and yellow peppers, extra garlic, and extra white wine. Served with Parmigiano Reggiano. So simple, yet so delicious, with a distinct, well-rounded taste. It's too bad I don't have a photo - it's so pretty and colorful. Sweet Peppers With Pasta: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Sweet-Peppers-with-Pasta-102237
  13. Try this variation: Huntsman cheese (cheddar with a layer of blue cheese in the middle) and sliced tomatoes (or better, pickled green tomato!). So very good. The Huntsman cheese sounds great, but unfortunately, I don't think I can find it here in Greensboro. It's times like these I miss living in Manhattan. Maybe I'll improvise and just do a cheddar/blue cheese combo - thanks!
  14. My favorite is a mixture of Gruyere and extra sharp cheddar with sliced tomatoes on pumpernickel or rye with caraway.
  15. You can use some of it in this - it's delicious: ROASTED TOMATOES WITH GARLIC AND GORGONZOLA http://www.jemangelaville.com/2009/01/05/hello-2009-roasted-tomatoes-with-garlic-and-gorgonzola/
  16. Interesting. I'm just the opposite - I dislike De Cecco - the texture is too heavy.
  17. Barilla is my favorite - perfect texture.
  18. This is delicious and refreshing: THAI CUCUMBER SALAD http://www.recipezaar.com/93536
  19. I tried masking tape, and it did not stick, at least not for very long. Ditto.
  20. Today I made chocolate covered caramels and chocolate caramel peanut clusters. And...It looks like I posted this under the wrong category.
  21. They look great. I just made my favorite chocolate chip cookies with some tweaks for the upteenth time. They're from Thomas Keller - soooo freakin' good: http://www.foodgal.com/2009/06/tantalizing-preview-ad-hoc-chocolate-chip-cookie-recipe-by-thomas-keller/
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