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  1. 1. toro 2. hamachi 3. spider roll kirin on tap.
  2. hey, i've got a question....(and take into consideration that i'm new to this forum) why is it that many of these posts start off with a pleasant topic and then drivel down to a celebrity chef selling out? personally i think it is fantastic that slick willy could not stuff his face at the plebeians' expense. and as for jamie, he's got a good show. he whips up some very creative dishes and has fun doing it. who bloody cares how much money he makes?
  3. over the last few weeks we have done some extensive personal R&D on the julep front. i've tweaked a half dozen recipes and come up with this as my superlative: the syrup: 1 cup sugar 2 cups water 1 cup mint leaves cheesecloth wrap the mint leaves in a cheesecloth and soak in a container with just enough bourbon to cover. allow this to sit for two hours--it makes a sort of "tincture". combine water and sugar in a sauce pan, stir and bring to a boil then turn off the heat--let it cool. add the sugar water to the tincture and put it in the fridge overnight. next day, squeeze the cheesecloth to get all those lovely juices out and discard. enjoyment time: fill a glass with crushed ice. add one part bourbon** to two parts syrup. garnish with a mint sprig and dust with powdered sugar. **in this recipe i preferred Early Times over Makers Mark or Jim Beam
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