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  1. Many thanks for your work here at eG, John, and for the lovely company in Paris.
  2. You know that joke that goes something like "women can't be carpenters because all their lives they've been told that something that really measures 4" is 8"?" I'm convinced that the same theory is at work, in reverse, in my husband's case. Chronic overbowler, and it's not deliberate: once he's put the item in the too-large serving dish he invariable comments, "Wow, I though there was a lot more of that. It looks sort of pitiful in that bowl."
  3. Here here. I had exactly the same reaction to the original passage, and agree with everything else that v. gautam wrote as well.
  4. The Intercontinental's a very nice property, and since Atlanta's got so many hotel rooms you can get great rates if you're not competing with a large meeting (and really steep rates if you are, and very possibly no room at all). Au Pied de Cochon is interesting from a decor perspective (flying pigs, blown glass fruit light fixtures) and is modeled on the original one in Paris. Let us know where you got to eat.
  5. Another vote for FLIP, and we've been to 4th & Swift several times and enjoyed it. We also like Repast and go pretty frequently; only once have I not enjoyed my meal, and that night the chef wasn't there. Sean's (in Inman Park, very convenient to the MARTA train station with the same name) and Cakes & Ale (in Decatur, a couple of blocks walk from the MARTA train station with the same name) are also both excellent. Another very hot restaurant at the moment is The Porter, located in Little Five Points. Great selection of beers et al., and the food is very good, pub food but much better
  6. The area is Buckhead, not The Buckhead, and some years ago it had a pretty vibrant (but sort of skanky) nightlife scene. That's all gone, and unless the primary purpose of this trip is shopping I'd suggest you choose Midtown instead, as it's got more going on and has good access to MARTA if you plan on using it. So, very important queston: will you have a car? And what is the purpose of this trip, anyway?
  7. Chef Lenny Robinson of Les Fleur De Lis Cafe is now at the helm of Peasant Bistro. ← Here's hoping he can fix both the food and the service at Peasant Bistro, as both were, well, terrible on my one and only visit this summer.
  8. Spent the Thanksgiving weekend in the Austin area. Had a lot of fun, and some unexpectedly great food, so figured I'd share. Wednesday PM: Checked into our hotel in downtown Austin, tucked our teenage kids into bed, and headed out to check out the neighborhood. I'd intentionally chosen a hotel near 6th St., having heard that Austin had a great live music scene. So far as I could tell 6th St. is perhaps not the ideal place to experence said live music scene, as most of the venues featured one or another version of obnoxious recorded music, with the only evidence of "live" being the touts in fro
  9. Oh dear, very bad news about Shilo's. I was last there a couple of years ago and so far as I could tell the tongue was very clearly of non-commercial provenance. Glad to hear that at least the leche quemada was reasonable. Best option at Casa Rio (and all sorts of dive-y places in San Antonio, actually) is tamales. This area is doesn't do mole, or at least I've never seen it.
  10. Compared to my usual work trips it was actually well above average. The meals at Clyde Common were excellent, and Koji was perfectly acceptable. I have eaten a lot of not very good food in the company of colleagues, I'm afraid.
  11. Spent a week in Portland for work earlier this month and am adding my experiences to those already listed. Clyde Common: ate here twice, both times my choice. The first evening was a group dinner that I'd planned long distance. Great meal and even the less culinarily ambitious among the group enjoyed the meal (after I'd talked them down off the ceiling at the idea of sweetbread ravioli or rabbit liver). I returned the next night with a colleague who hadn't managed to make the first meal knowing that she'd enjoy it, and she did. Strongly recommended. Southpark: Dinner here was arranged by some
  12. A propos is not the same as appetizing. The history of the building (with which I was already familiar) is interesting, but the name is just too evocative of blood and guts for me. And I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to blood and guts, having grown up on a farm and knowing exactly what goes into the slaugher and butchery of my food. Maybe they could open a bar called "Assommoir"
  13. I ate at Baan Boran a couple of years ago (happened to be staying in an apartment in the Palais Royal and a French friend wanted to have something a bit exotic) and found it okay but nothing amazing.
  14. therese

    Pole Beans

    Let's not tell my grandmother that she was "incredibly wrong!". And it doesn't get any fresher than picking them out of the garden that very day, I'm afraid. My grandmother grew a large variety of beans and peas and some of the terms she and her country farmer neighbors used have passed on, but this name to indicate this type of bean is still the norm in the southeast. These beans were prized specifically for their long-cooking properties, as they took well to canning, and the long cooking means that the bacon/pork flavor was distributed throughout.
  15. Are they serious? Outside first listing in the yellow pages, WHY? ← Yes, I gather they're serious, and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one to have this reaction, as I posted back when I first heard about it, in May: "And am I the only one who finds this a really, really horrendous name for a restaurant? Will I be expected to slaughter and butcher my own meat? Will the process be part of the dinner's entertainment? Are the guests potentially subject to similar treatment? Maybe there aren't that many people who would have such a visceral (pun intended) reaction to this name. It's Fr
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