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  1. Rocco obviously has good publicists. He pops up everywhere (except the kitchen!) I think I saw him as a presenter at the Daytime Emmies Show last night. I was just flipping channels, and there he was with the woman from Trading Spaces. Have to take issue, though with the comment about alcohol being the lubricant of the restaurant business. Thank goodness that is not an accepted "standard" anymore. The restaurant chain that I worked for would definitely dismiss an employee for drinking on the job - with a customer or not. Now, after the shift is another story. Yes, many restaurant workers st
  2. NHCountryGirl

    Superbowl Food

    The game was great!! ! Guess I missed Justin's mis-move on Janet Jackson at 1/2 time. Busy refilling plates and talking. No one else mentioned it either. We were kind of disappointed in the 1/2 time show to start, so I guess we weren't paying close attention. Seems like it's usually much better. This is one of the few events where I am not concerned with food preparation. Emphasis is pretty much on JUNK food and just hanging' out. A couple of sharp cheddar cheese logs and new (at least in these parts) vegetable wheat thins, some frozen pizza - Red Baron 1 extra cheese and 1 pepperoni (no pizza
  3. My grocery store used to give a credit for reusing bags (paper or plastic) but for some reason gave it up a couple of years ago. I usually get plastic, and I reuse them for many of the same things already mentioned. I don't understand their bagging methods, though. Like knowing how to count back change, I think grocery bagging is a lost art. They'll put 3 or 4 light things into two bags, then put a 1/2 gallon of milk and o.j. in one bag. Sometimes I redistribute the items, and hand them back the 2 or 3 bags they used in excess. Usually, I just thank them and shake my head. I agree with the po
  4. I have to concur with Chefette's original listing of average wages for the restaurant industry. I say this both from personal experience in the New England area, and extensive industry research. I disagree, 'though when she thinks fine dining restaurants have a higher profit margin than their fast food counterparts. Restaurants, In general do not have a great profit margin, but becuase of lower food and labor (fewer people on staff, not wages paid) costs, and usually no liquor costs or liability, fast food type places are a better bet for making higher profits. As far as the discussion about i
  5. Wow - tough crowd! Some of you want yor plates cleared, some don't. Some of you want the server to be friendly and informative, some of you want to be left alone, some want to read the specials, some want them read to them - and so it goes. Clean bathrooms seems to be the most common agreement. I think every server should have to read a board like this. See what John/Jane Q Public expects. Then, if they still want to be in the business, realize that customer service is a real challenge, that when done effectively makes everyone happy! Not to say any of your restaurants likes/dislikes are rig
  6. At the restaurant we've always made it with house chardonnay. If you want to use a drier white wine try a sauvignon blanc. I wouldn't suggest using a "high quality" type. The creme de cassis is so sweet, it masks any finesse the white wine might have. Or try a Kir Roayale with champagne. That's more fun, more sparkle.
  7. I love to have my cooking complimented - moreso the effort that I put forth in doing it, rather than the specific dishes. In fact, I have no problem eliciting compliments if they're not forthcoming! (Even if they don't like my latest try, they can at least commend me for my efforts.) Sometimes, I'll elaborate and tell a story about a certain recipe and where I got it, the time or difficulties I might have run into. You can generally tell if people are complimenting your cooking out of courtesy or genuine delight. The ones who are delighted usually appreciate some story telling and/or swapping
  8. NHCountryGirl


    Quite a few years ago we had a few chickens. There was nothing better than gathering the fresh laid eggs, and making scrambled eggs, pancakes, whatever for breakfast! I would think the only reason someone might say older eggs were better for baking was that that's a way to use them up, and not really notice they aren't so fresh. I used to bake a lot back then - cookies, muffins, breads. I would use store bought eggs in my baking only when I was short on the fresh laid ones. And, everyone lways loved my baked goods! (Yeah, I'm bragging!)
  9. I don't know if Land 'o Lakes would have hormones in it? Don't they mostly give the hormones to beef cattle for growth? Is there some advantage to giving hormones to dairy cows - does it increase milk production? I get natural, free range chicken and eggs as much as possible, so maybe a little bit of hormonal butter spread on my toast won't hurt! For baking, I use salt free sticks of butter usually store brand. But, I'll have to look into that Vermont Cultured Butter. It sounds good. Vermont cheddar cheese (Cabot especially) is the best, so I bet they have some good butter, too!
  10. I have to second the new Land of Lakes Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil. Never had any of those European spreads, so can't compare.
  11. As a customer I generally don't care what the server's name is. I think some places have them do that so if there's a problem or just a request for more of something, when you can't find them you can at least ask whoever does come by to please get "Amy". When I used to manage a restaurant where there were a lot of regular customers, who had really built a lot of rapport with the long time staff, I would always introduce a new server to the regular customers, though. They appreciated it. (Those regular customers helped do a lot of the training of new staff.) They would definitely let us know h
  12. Seems to me he was a cook at The Restaurant who helped shed some light on some of the goings on (memory recall - didn't fact check)?
  13. Personally, I've never eaten a fish head - probably never will. But, in the restaurant world serving the whole fish - often slit up the middle and delicately stuffed - is a part of the whole presentation process, signaling things like freshness and (yes) eye appeal. As was stated earlier, most restaurants will indeed take the head off if requested. But, in my experience the chefs still prefer to make the presentation first, then have the server bring it back to kitchen for decapitation. Why order a whole stuffed trout if if you don't want to experience the whole feel. Otherwise might as well
  14. Asparagus seems to be a big favorite - definitely one of mine year round. Rest of the family doesn't like it, so I don't feel guilty just buying enough for me even when it's out of season and $3.99 a lb. Good coffee from the coffee shop - yes! Eggs - scrambled with cheese is my favorite, but I have them in one form or another almost daily. (I know a few years ago they said no to that, but now the health police have swung back on that verdict.) Hamburgers are the one I'll get a hankering for on occasion and have three or four times in a week. Then I won't have them agin for a couple of months!
  15. Rocco's on the cover of Sept 16th Restaurant Hospitality magazine looking all smiles and smug! The Headline, "ROCCO"s TV DINNER - Did The Restaurant distort reality?" The article doesn't really say much that hasn't already been said here. But the Editor's Letter gives a page to questioning the whole deal and asking for reader's opinions. Telling excerpt "I've met Rocco a number of times and he's a great guy. ...But he's done a disservice to himself and the indsustry as a whole through this horrible portrayal of how a restaurant operates." Think most everyone on egullet will second that stat
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