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  1. Congratulations to Chef Cantu and his team, this was the best ever that I have seen on Iron Chef. Much deserved victory. Excellent performance on Chef Morimoto's side too. Keep up the good work.
  2. excellent work liv4fud, keep up the good work.
  3. Wasabi by Morimoto in Mumbai This should count as sushi in Mumbai if I am not mistaken.
  4. Hi Chrisamirault, I would love to have the Trellis Cookbook if still available. Thank you so much for offering those. Please PM me back if you still have it available. Once again, thanks. Regards, Mel
  5. You can also use Masa Harina which you can get from any grocery or Mexican storeincase if you cant get to an Indian grocery store. Make a tight dough and roll tthe bread out with your hands griddle them on medium heat skillet, maybe trying out nonstick kind might help even better.
  6. The masala used in pani puri is pani puri masala, which is different then the chaat masala, it is made with similar ingredients but different composition besides panipuri masala has extra hint of coriander powder and sometimes powdered dried mint in it too.
  7. The vegetable sambhar and the soup in this instance are the same thing, just a different expression, the traditional way of eating sambhar would be to break apart a piece of dosai and dip it in the sambhar before eating that morsel, the morsel would also have some filling in it, also the bites you crave extra flavor it is also very acceptable to lift the bowl of sambhar (the Katori) and sip out of it or you can also use a spoon ( a more polite or "sophisticated" gesture when eating out). Also, back in India at traditional joints in Souther India it would almost be impolite not to offer additional sambhar if needed. Most restaurant atleast offer one refill, if not it is totally acceptable to reorder just the sambhar, the charge is usally minimal. The coconut sambhar would be the coconut chutney or Pachadi (a south Indian word for chutney or pickle). However "coconut sambhar" doesnt make sense, shredded coconut is almost always used as an ingredient in Sambhar though.
  8. Now that you ask, I use Drumsticks because they have a nice stock like flavour, very 'Umami'. So just boil and simmer the drumsticks, drain and remove the flesh and add back to the stock. Then add the other ingredients, bring to a simmer and serve. If the chillis are hot then you may want to add them whole in the beginning and then discard. ← Thanks a lot, will have to try it this week, also need to get around to make your saag (poached spinach method) too.
  9. What a coincidence Monica, had planned for medley of slow cooked (braised) mushrooms to go with khichdi for this sunday. Its the jucies that they release, thats where the flavor is, with a hunt of homemade garam masala. Khichdi is a good accompaniment to me as it acts very neutral side. The texture compliments perfectly and brings out the garam masala. Ofcourse a good Red Burgundy is needed to complete the package.
  10. What stock if any do you use Episure or do you just boil and simmer the ingredients in water.
  11. M65

    My India trip

    Welcome back Monica. :)
  12. M65


    I have just eaten my new low cal version of saag paneer for lunch. I 'poached' all the spinach in skimmed milk and then proceeded to make it in the usual way. Skim Milk Paneer too Episure, I am sure, Have to admit sounds intriguiging.
  13. I was in Southern California recently and had, Dansberg (allegedly owend by Danny Denzogppa, the movie Star), India Special, and Havard 5000, also a impressive vodka called Snow Lion, all from India. All these were available on top of the usual suspects, ie Taj ,KF, Golden Egale etc etc... Oh, and Dansberg was my favorite.
  14. i find gongura leaves at oriental markets very easily, they are usually labeled as sour leaves.
  15. what "Herbs" are you trying to grow Monica, I am getting worried about you now.
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