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  1. "Hungry Like the Wolf" was a hot, hot, hot Duran Duran song/video. A party tune for many '80's folks. Hmmmm, I wonder how many children were conceived to it?! LOTS! yes, but "hungy like the wolf" sounds like a porn remake
  2. i have nothing constructive to add, but i am confused about this "hungy like the wolf "business. is this to be sex-party of some kind?
  3. brad, i suppose this means any egullet members who hold different opinions about emeril (or don't register shock at seeing him on the cover of wine spectator) aren't real "food and wine lovers"?
  4. oh i agree about the majority of people not being able to eat in his restaurants: meant only that the shows are watched by millions--divide by number of seats at his places and so...in other words many people are deriving their estimation of "what he must be like as a chef" from other factors--his seem to be damning him more than flay's or batali's or other television chefs'.
  5. do those grow up to be like the fluke-man thing from that early x-files episode? by the way, you eastern seaboard people, you know that thing's still swimming around, right? what's that? it was only a show? right, right, and our toothpaste isn't packed with mind-control chemicals either...mmm minty fresh mind-control...
  6. well, yeah, i'm sure that's a major part of it--but the truth is only a very small percentage of those exposed to emeril on tv etc. will be able to eat at his places anyway. but this is also true of bobby flay and mario batali--yet, we don't hear people going on and on about these guys being frauds (setting aside iron chef morimoto's views) and mario's shtick on that italy show was far, FAR worse. so why pick on emeril? might it go something like this?: "we're serious food people--this man makes it look like something ANYONE could aspire to. when i tell people i'm into food i don't like it when they ask me about emeril!"
  7. mongo_jones

    Goat's Milk

    drink it? that's what asterix and obelix would do.
  8. people need to stop ragging on emeril. he may have a hugely popular show on food tv, and he may have some annoying shtick (but, hey, i loved it at first too), but he is a major, major chef with major, major chops. and he may well be the most important chef in the u.s today--for the kind of impact he's had on non-foodies (see owen's post above). i can't help but think that much of the reaction against emeril comes out of some sort of unexamined class-ism. he doesn't sound and behave the way "great chefs" are supposed to behave and so his touch soils anything he comes in contact with.
  9. for the innocents from parts east: what jschyun is trying to tell you here is that irvine is the only store with two 99 ranch markets (this only becomes meaningful information once you visit one), not that it is the only city with 299 ranches.
  10. absolutely. and the correct abbreviation for san francisco, as per kevin meaney, is "frissy".
  11. i am not a coffee drinker but one of my aunts (who is also among the top 5 cooks on the planet) advises simply grinding coffee beans in the same grinder in which one grinds whole indian "garam masala" spices--cinnamon, cloves, cardamom etc. not adding the latter to the former--just using the same grinder.
  12. i have no man in my life--i feel so ashamed.
  13. i have not found the truth at 7-11 but i have found cheap, crappy hot-dogs. on long road-trips these are much preferable to the truth.
  14. tryska, have you considered that you might be the variable here? smiley goes here. mongo
  15. if this "bombay..." place is the same as the also coming soon south indian restaurant then we're in trouble. seeing as how bombay isn't exactly south india. but if there's two new indian restaurants scheduled to open there might be a shake-out coming as well. how many indian restaurants can a town of 100,000 outside india support?
  16. It's the unmentioned fifth seed. Panch phoron means five seeds, doesn't it? Or am I clueless as far as that goes, too? right, here you go: what the hell were you thinking? the 5th seed can sometimes be radhuni as well--though i don't know if in that uber-traditional panch-phoron fenugreek is the one it would replace.
  17. sam, fair enough, but this doesn't mean that gustatory considerations may not be important factors once they've made the choice. (consider also that no similar questionnaire can exist for meat-eaters since that's the default in the u.s. ) i imagine if you asked vegetarians if they cared about whether their food tastes good almost all will say yes. there just isn't enough cooking knowledge or restaurant/frozen food choices out there yet for all american vegetarians to always have easy access to amazinly tasty food. thus for some taste can't help but get pushed down the scale, since they're not going to start eating meat just because they have a smaller range of tasty pure veg. options. i mean, a pure vegetarian can't even eat an altoid--if they do want to eat mints they possibly can't get ones as good; but that doesn't mean they may not want them. we could flip all this on its head and say that many meat eaters don't *really* choose meat--they just have it presented to them from day 1 (as with your example of indian vegetarians). all it will take is time. things begin as individual choices, cohere into movements, solidify into traditions. mongo
  18. i believe m.k gandhi once noted that he'd known pure vegetarians who were capable of far more heinous acts of violence than any non-vegetarian.
  19. do not go to utah with alcohol in your car. i believe it is completely against the law there. we road-tripped from los angeles to boulder last summer with a lot of stuff, including my premium liquors (which i didn't want to trust to the truck), in the back-seat. we spent a couple of nights at a lovely b&b in the valley of the gods (b&b shares the name)--the owners told us what we were doing was strictly speaking prohibited. of course, the next morning we were stopped for speeding outside of moab (i was going the speed of traffic, honest) and it was the knowledge that i had prohibited items in my back-seat that prevented me from getting sassy. that and the fact that the cop in question looked very scary.
  20. tryska, i come from a context where some people won't even use the same sets of pots and pans for cooking veg. and non veg. dishes. some rich households will even employ different cooks (a brahmin one for veg.). an ex-girlfriend's grandfather would have to bathe again if he accidentally touched me on his way to a meal with religious significance (though this may have been for other reasons too--i recommend everyone who touches me sterilize themselves shortly thereafter). so complaining about a blender which has been "contaminated" with eggs seems very reasonable to me. one could ask why the majority meat-eating room-mates didn't take her needs into consideration as well. i have some jain friends working on your other question--will get back to you.
  21. tryska, you could ask this of many hardcore hindu vegetarians as well: "if you won't eat meat then why use hing "asafoetida" whose primary property is to impart a "meaty" aroma/flavor to veg. dishes?" of course, you can't ask this of hardcore jains who not only don't eat meat, they don't even eat garlic or onions. just to clarify: i say this because there seems to be a distinction being made between "inauthentic" vegetarians in the u.s and u.k and "authentic" ones in, say, india. the fact is that hindu and jain vegetarianism is rooted in exactly the same principles of respect for animal life etc--not in the absence of flesh to eat. it just has been around so long and there are so many vegetarians in india that these principles don't need to be registered publicly. on the other hand it is far more difficult to be a vegetarian in the u.s. you almost have to get forced into a separate, fringe lifestyle--gelatin, beef-broth, lard etc. are everywhere. and being a vegetarian, even a non-programmatic one, marks you as a comic target for everyone else seemingly. now, i have eaten raw blood and live animals, and can't ever see myself becoming a vegetarian, but i can understand why so many vegetarians in the u.s end up being strident. as for gustatory vegetarian traditions in the u.s and u.k--presumably in a couple of centuries these too will have solidified and diversified. the beginnings of this seem to already be among us.
  22. tryska, you could ask this of many hardcore hindu vegetarians as well: "if you won't eat meat then why use hing "asafoetida" whose primary property is to impart a "meaty" aroma/flavor to veg. dishes?" of course, you can't ask this of hardcore jains who not only don't eat meat, they don't even eat garlic or onions. i say, eat what you like, and leave other people alone if they don't eat it or have principles about this that seem bizarre to you. this applies to vegans, vegetarians, fans of foie-gras etc. there do seem to be more publicly evangelical vegans than carnivores in the u.s, but you wouldn't think so from egullet. mongo
  23. evangelism of any kind is usually tiresome--whether practised by vegans, vegetarians, omnivorous epicures, whoever.
  24. my tip: regardless of route do NOT mix jerky and coca-cola. the effects on occupants of car can be lethal, and in this political climate it may not be safe for other reasons as well.
  25. cows and goats seem to like them. does it count if you cook a cow or goat that's just eaten a banana peel?
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