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  1. Equally painful on my poor 266 w/ a DSL connection. Kind of maddening the way it shuffles the same info in 6 different places on one page. If they'd lose a little of the glitz, people might stick around.
  2. In my youth, the dark Charleston Chew and a Reggie Bar. Yums. Blackblackblack Sharfenberger, whenever I can possibly get it, is a special treat. A grand old standby, that they were kind enough to make in a 7 ouncer (as opposed to sticking a fork in my brother's eyeball to get the only two, teenytiny bars packed in the 'Hershey's Miniatures' bag...) Special Dark.
  3. A Southerism that might fit the pimiento cheese quandry... Just 'cause the cat had kittens in tha oven, DOESN'T mean we call 'em BISCUITS!
  4. The Emeril you see in interviews is a vastly different person than the fellow behind the cooktop on T.V. I believe a Q & A with him would be interesting and entertaining.
  5. Oh Ronnie...Brilliant!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Now, if PBS would just pick him up again...I gladly sit through Floyd on Fish or WHATEVER they put on. His BBC harangues are just a shriek, especially after a slurp, or two...or three..
  6. Julia & Jacques (magical together) Bourdain (I'd cook iguana, if it meant he'd visit here!!! I WOULD!) Keith Floyd (esPECIALLY "another slurp for the cook!!!"...used proudly to this day in our kitchen...somebody hire this guy!) Lidia Pierre Franey ("...don't buy that cheese that looks like a brick.") Tyler Florence Alice Waters Those who irritate me... Emeril (Oh, quit playing to the lowest common denominator...) Marfa Sarah Moulton (God forgive me, I know she's the sweetest thing since French toast, but, arrghh...) Nick Stellino MaryAnne Esposito Natalie Dupree Get that sh*t off my T.V. ... any eyeball awling Iron Chef Does anybody show Floyd on anything anymore? I need a slurp...
  7. beegew

    Thompson's Turkey

    That sounds pretty outrageous! Interesting link, too. (Printed that puppy out ) We always use Shelton's Free Range Turkeys , and they're real helpful finding stores in your area when you call.
  8. Most of the Brazilian cocktails I've come across have some sort of fruit juice mixed with cachaca. (Their villainous sugar cane rum/brandy ~ deadly by itself, but food of the GODS in concert with anything else...) Maybe a Google search for that? In the meantime, I'll ask my coffee broker brother, who is the reason I know anything Brazilian at all...
  9. Right you are! Forty lashes with a wet noodle.
  10. We use both. (Since we have two ancient pick-ups, paper bags line up nicely in the bed, as opposed to plastic rolling all over.) A paper bag opened inside a plastic, to keep leaks from goobering up the garbage can. Then, when it's full, you just grab the handles, yank it out, and off to the trash can. Extra plastic goes back to whatever store has a recycling bin for them. Unfortunately, the city and county here have no recycling, and, while the NAS Pensacola center takes plastic, newspapers, and sometimes aluminum, nobody does glass. The paper will break down quicker in the landfill then those dang Hefty bags with a tie-tie. (They'll be digging those things up, still full, a hundred years from now.) Beege {:^)
  11. We'll THIRD the Elizabeth's vote!! (And they just reopened, after being shut for a month due to Chartres St. construction.) Elizabeth's We stay in the Bywater every other month, as I show at an art market there, and pleased as punch to be just a 2 block walk from Elizabeth's. PLUS, they do a booth at the Art Market, so my husband gets to stuff himself with Heidi's ham biscuits, first thing Sat. morning! Friday mid-mornings, we head down to start off the day with her lunch menu. (I wish they were open for dinner!) If you're staying on the Mr. B's side of the Quarter, it's about a $5 cab ride over to Bywater, and well worth it. But make it early, so you can eat their 'real food done real good'. You could then wander fully prepared! But, if you wanted to stay in the Quarter, I'd recommend Maspero's for cheap, wonderful po'boys and muffaleta's. (They don't take credit cards, tho.) Brennan's requires a trip out to the garden district AND doesn't allow shorts, etc., so that might not be an option if you're looking to eat in your tourist togs. I can't imagine having only a day in such an incredible place, but you will have the best time in that day you could have anywhere on earth, that's for sure! Beege {:^)
  12. Oh, how we miss our N.C. Harris Teeter's! Here in Pensacola, we have the Winn-Dixie (you learn to do cards when it's the only store for 15 miles...), a couple miserable Albertsons and Food Worlds, the Super Wally World, and one dump inexplicably named the 'Food Tiger'. But, having been traumatized by the 'Food LION', we no longer do any markets with circus animal names. We miss our Perdue chickens (as they packaged Harry Tweeter's store brand, too), and are stuck with what we disgustedly refer to as 'skunky chicken' ~ alias some half frozen form of Tyson Corp., or Sanderson Farms. blech. It can be a week from it's buy date, and STILL smell like it swam in a bleach vat...or worse... There is a little natural/organic co-op in town called Ever'man, thank goodness, where we can get a free range turkey at Thanksgiving, but that's the length and breadth of their meat/poultry offerings. Ya just do whacha can... Beege {:^)
  13. ...AND you can't have wine/liquor shipped in from outside the state, thanks to a very strong wholesaler lobby. Maddening when there's things you'd like, but can't purchase locally.
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