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  1. Well, if THAT didn't look delicious! BRAVO ZULU!! as we say in certain circles. A wonderful feast from a wonderful person ~ it doesn't get much more motivating than that.
  2. Holy schamoly and hooray! We drove by that factory every time on our way to our regular digs in the Bywater. (And would always go, "Mmmmmmm, PIES" in our BEST Homer Simpson voices.)
  3. Thanks SO much for posting the article!! Zipped it right off to my little brother, who's been a Juvenile Diabetic since he was 7 (He's 34 now, and it's already taken one eye, miserable, bastard disease that it is. ). He's pretty on top of the happenin's as far as natural supplements go, but I always like to think maybe I'll send along the one thing he hasn't seen, and that it might be a help. Sure appreciate it.
  4. Mon dieu! Now that is a treasure. Lucky, lucky you!
  5. beegew

    Rogue Beer

    Found the Dead Man and Mocha Porter in the Navy Exchange here, was seduced by the packaging (I am SO shallow ), and have been buying them ever since. I can't imagine what it must taste like on tap. Yum. Had a couple guests for New Year's who are originally from Montana and they were beside themselves when they saw the bottles. I guess living in the South with no Rogue was a serious deprivation issue.
  6. In our house, the muddler gets the first one. Sort of a quality control/motivational system, resulting in vast puddles of delectable muddles.
  7. ..and I shudder to think what that is, glad I never said it. (OR will, more likely, phone the little brother and ask. ) Dangerous language, that Portugese ~ one little syllable goes astray, and piTU!
  8. Ah, caipirinha, you seductive, slurpy, summer delight! Although our peeTU! (as we call it, the name now also replacing most scornful exclamations. i.e.:"This tastes like crap! PiTU!") has to come on a plane from N.J. with my best friend, we cherish every bottle. My brother is a coffee trader who spends a great deal of time in Brazil, and taught me to mash quartered limes with superfine sugar (another hard to come by item), then pour the Pitu into the mash. He said they actually make a powdered caipirinha mix down there, that, in a pinch here, powered limeade is a suitable sub. BLech! No worries there ~ we always have handfuls of limes just waiting to be smushed for the cause, and an empty pitcher looking for limes.
  9. beegew

    Summer Whites

    Well, thank you for that! It's just that sometimes the vinovernacular goes skyrocketing over my head , when all I know to say is "yummy!!"
  10. beegew

    Summer Whites

    Pleeeez be merciful, and not hoot me off the board for my unsophisticated palate, but...we've been enchanted by a lovely New Zealand sauvignon blanc from Nobilo. It's crisp and dry, exudes pineapple and the tropics of all things , and is just a delightful quaff on a warm day. We can't buy it at retail locally yet, but, at $19 bottle at our local lunch haunt, I'd think it'd be quite reasonable, should one find it on a shelf somewhere. Okay, back to the shadows...
  11. beegew

    Wine Blog

    Grapes already, and the leaves aren't completely out?! Mon dieu! Who knew? Write on, Carolyn!
  12. Hands down, my absolute favorite! But I have to order it from Twinings online, as it's so acquired a taste, no local markets ever stock it. (Sort of like we were told when looking for our next Scottish Terrier ~ "Frankly ma'am, they're so difficult, there's just not much demand for them..." )
  13. The only thing I've got here in the Panhandle is a big bag of dried 'jumbo' morels. All this talk of long walks, damp woods and rotting trees has me misty for the homestead of my youth.
  14. I thought one of the evening's best lines came from that ugly decapitation. Flay started hacking, just as Alton was commenting on how happy the trout looked in the tank and then said "Unfortunately, happy is no longer an issue for that fish..." I 'bout spit out my vino...
  15. Hmmmm... This whole thread has been hugely informative, with only one missing component, from our point of view. We've never had an ice wine. Watched a wonderful PBS segment on German ones a million years ago, but that's as close as we've come. Is there a reasonably priced, delightful, entry level eis someone could suggest we look for, and start with? We've finally access to a pretty comprehensive wine merchant here, who just might be able to come up with what we ask for. (We're in Florida, so shipping to us is problematic, and in the Panhandle, so resources are limited. ) I yield to the experts. (insert sweeping, old fashioned bow...)
  16. BBWWAHHHH!!!! I'm sure they mean if you eat the concrete !!!
  17. Here, here, bravo and bully, Carolyn!! It's getting to the point where one more 'lo carb' announcement will push me over the edge ~ I'm SICK of it I tell you, SICK. It's revolting the way every manufacturer is climbing over each other to slap the label on their product, even if it's a) patently obvious or b)patently reedeekewlous. I realize it's a dog-eat-lo-carb-dog world out there, but there has to be an end to the pandering...doesn't there? I'm starting to think there's only about 12 people left on earth who don't give a sh!t about lo-carb.
  18. beegew

    California white wines.

    When we want a big, buttery splurge, our faves are the Acacia (Carneros) or the Cutrer (Russian River). (Insert lipsmacking noises here.)
  19. beegew

    budget wine shopping

    Just had to add a quick 'ack! $12 for a bottle of the La Crema Pinot? Don't I wish I'd been in your neck of the woods. I was just about to grab a bottle yesterday, when the $18.99 sticker caused me to pull my hand back, and reconsider. I love the stuff, was doing a raspberry glazed duck for dinner, and had pinot noir on the brain since first light, but mon dieu! It's added about $5 since the last bottle a month or so ago. Never fails with a yummy, affordable favorite.
  20. That upcoming second season should be ugly. Then again, a lawsuit is cheaper than paying for advertising...
  21. Had a deelish first one of these in New Orleans, then just Googled like the dickens for a recipe when we got home. We've been using the KeKe, splash of lime and plain vodka, mostly for convenience, but also because I remember a back and forth here about the 'best' vanilla vodka. What I CAN'T remember is which was the consensus winner. I see Stoli mentioned so far?
  22. Tostitos Organic Salsa is pretty darn good for just a jar off the shelf. Eaten with the Tostitos of your choice, of course.
  23. I'm not sure if they still do it since the Carl's Junior takeover (they were threatening to make it the first thing to disappear ), but Hardee's had the best fried chicken going, in our humble opinions. The price was totally right, and we never headed out to the beach in N.C. without stopping for a box to drag along. Mmm, mmm, mmm, Hardee's fried chicken. I'm teary eyed...
  24. I have hand me down 'American' and 'Cooks with Wine', but can't remember the last time I dug through one of them. I do remember being desperate to send my husband on a Med cruise, so he could send back the incredible plates TFG used during that Italian/Venetian phase. Wow! At the time, the only thing remotely similar was at Williams-Sonoma, and you had to mortage the house. But I do owe him an enduring debt of gratitude, in a round about way. I'd been trying to make bread for years, routinely butchering even the frozen Bridgeford stuff. DH had gotten me 'The Way to Cook', and even Julia's step by steps were no help. Then, one Saturday, we're watching TFG, and he made French bread. It was one of those heavenly chorus in the background a-HA! moments. The lights came on full power and I've been a from scratch bread making fool ever since.
  25. A revolting egg separater, shaped like a head-mug. Crack the whole egg into the cup, tilt forward slightly, and the whites run, drip or ooze through the clever little nostril holes. Even with my warped sense of humor, this is one that's stayin' in the box. Ack Gack!
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