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  1. I noticed that this season's episodes look different too- Not as "green" out the windows or something. Is it a new set/different kitchen? It's not as bright. I liked the old look better- More stainless/professional and brighter.

    On the bright side, it's on my PBS HD feed now so I can record it in HD- yay.


  2. Have you tried http://www.allmenus.com/ ? We recently moved here too and I find their menu listings great for deciding whether the food and prices are worth a visit.

    i've used menupages.com whenever possible, but after recently moving to detroit where it doesn't exist, i won't be able to.  i have, in the past, called a restaurant to see how much they charge for entrees, and then followed up with steaks and pastas... that has given me a good enough idea of how the menu would be priced

  3. When you find a source, please post! I just moved back to the Detroit area after many years and didn't realize you could get raw milk soft cheeses north of the border. I'm willing to drive up to Toronto if necessary. :biggrin:


    Adding-- Far Flung Foods sounds like the place- Have you checked them out yet??

    Just like the title says: are raw milk soft cheeses available in the Windsor area,...

  4. Just came back to edit my post but you caught me! I don't know where "Notre Dame" came from, LOL. You should put Ann Arbor in the title of this thread if you can still edit it.

    I am always interested in the burger threads :) but was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a Michigan venture.

  5. Darn, Darn! I was just up yesterday hanging out while my husband went to the game but I just found this thread TODAY and was up for two other games. That's 3 missed opportunities!

    I've been desperately looking for good burgers since moving back to MI earlier this year.

    Keep us posted- Sounds and looks great.

    Just had to add how excited I am - I might even have to get up early and come up in the cold before the Ohio State game now. :biggrin:


  6. I went to Shiro two summers ago for a wedding. I don't know what the typical menu is like but the food was very good- They had both sushi and french inspired lamb I believe as well as side dishes that were japanese inspired. I wouldn't call it a true Japanese restaurant, though it was tasty and the old mansion was a lovely setting for a wedding.



    Sahara is my favorite Chaldean restaurant. I was just there 3 weeks ago and have been going there for over 20 years (when I was in town, that is). There is a nice Chaldean grocery store next door too where I got some awesome turshi (mixed vegetable pickles) and other foods. I'm plotting my next visit for both actually. :)

  7. Boagman, I grew up in the Ferndale area the first 15 years of my life (until 20 years ago) and we're moving back to the metro area next month. Wonder if we went to the same schools at the same time.... you'll have to PM me.

    I went to Via Nove last year on a Thursday and the place was half dead and everyone was in their 40's and 50's so it was really quiet inside and low key, but not much "energy". Not that I want a scene but it was like everyone was lacking that night, including the waiters. My food was good but overpriced. My sister and mom were disappointed in their entrees. I can't even remember what they ordered.

    I went to Assaggi about 4 years ago and thought it was fantastic but also pricey. I loved the ambience and thought it would be a nice special occasion place.


    If you want a slightly different middle eastern place, try Sahara on 9 mile and Coolidge in Oak Park. It's Chaldean (Christian Iraqi) and everything I've had there is wonderful. They have great tershi on the side too (pickled veggies) and I always love their chicken or lamb shwarma. I've been eating there over 20 years when in town and my sister is a regular.

    I am also a 25 year fan of Primo's Pizza on 9 mile just west of the Ferndale border into Oak Park. They have a wonderful broasted chicken dinner with fat fries and cole slaw, with or without bbq sauce. I like mine without but the rest of my family gets it with the sauce. They also have tasty fish dinners and new york style pizzas. When you crave some tasty non-health-food food their takeout is hard to beat IMHO especially if you're only a few miles away. It's one of the first things I'm getting when we move back! (haven't found this simple but tasty broasted chicken out west).

    I always get a reuben at Stage Deli when shopping at Somerset. Glad to know it's hard to beat.


  8. I love posole. It's in frequent rotation at my place now that I haven't found a nearby restaurant serving it. Mexican, New Mexican, canned posole, frozen posole, pork, beef, chicken, red dried Hatch chiles, Hatch green chiles, I've used them all.

    I always garnish with sliced radishes, shredded cabbage, salsa and lime like I learned to have it in California. I'm so excited to find the frozen nixtamalized Hatch brand posole here at one of the stores but I like the texture of the canned too. I often use grassfed chuck since I have that in the freezer and don't have a pastured pork product lying around and my husband prefers the beef. He likes some hot green chile in his too (he likes green chile in everything though LOL). I usually use the simple recipe on the back of my Hatch dried red chile bag that I got at the grocery store.

    Next time I make some I'll be sure to post a photo.

  9. It does kinda bug me, I always thought it was his home, even if he was way too tall for it.  My spouse loves his pantry, all those mason jars filled with everything you could possibly want.  And, he's right on the water too.

    I just "discovered" this on the Discovery Home channel a few months ago and have been recording all the episodes along with Kylie Kwong's shows.

    Wow, I was totally taken- I figured it was his actual house.... no big deal though.

    I loved that pantry idea so much that a couple weeks ago I took all my plastic baggies of bulk grains and spices and transferred them to all the old glass mason jars I'd been saving.

    Rachel's spiel totally drives me insane but he doesn't bother me at all. I love the "no recipe" approach. It's a lot like the way I really cook.


  10. I'm afraid that, other than Ming Tsai (who has a degree from Yale as well as a culinary degree from the Cordon Bleu), no American chef can hold a candle in terms of eloquence and viewability to Nigella or Tamasin ...

    Yes, but what about Mario and how eloquently he speaks about the regions and foods of Italy? :wub:

  11. Ooh, I've had pretty much this same experience several years ago. A girlfriend of mine went with me to an Indian buffet that was always packed for lunch near work, but we decided to try the dinner buffet.

    Bad idea! Noone was there and the food didn't look very hot. We got our plates and took a few bites and decided we might get food poisoning so we shouldn't stay and eat, nor should we have to pay for food of that quality.

    So we waved over our waiter and explained. Forget the customer is always right kind of mentality! He accused us of not having the money and taunting us with "maybe you girls don't have money. The food is not cold. Maybe you can't pay!" Of course then there was no way we'd pay LOL.

    Sure enough we had, um, intestinal discomfort the next day. I only had about 2 bites so it was minor for me but my friend had 4 or 5 and she was in serious pain.

    So, I say if it's "food poisoning" bad, don't pay. But if it's just prepared badly and you fill your plate and sit down, pay for it but don't return.


  12. It is the only really exemplary restaurant out in the Livingston County area, though, and I'm sure that the location helps it.  Sometimes being the big fish in the small pond is the best way to go.

    And Milford's not even IN Livingston, so I guess the county proper has no significant dining. :raz:

    -Kelly (who lived in both Oakland and Livingston counties and can't spell today)

  13. I picked beets, carrots and turnips using the "root vegetable kimchi" recipe in Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz and it came out just fine. No sugar, just lacto-fermentation with lots of ginger and chiles similar to a regular kimchi recipe.

    yum. --Kelly

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