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  1. I had to google what is a hibachi 😅 thanks for a new word
  2. I adore paella! Guys, your paellas are masterpiece!
  3. 55°F (~13°C) I suppose it's perfect
  4. ErinKeegan

    Breakfast 2022

    didn't take a photo, but it was omelet
  5. ErinKeegan

    Dinner 2022

    teriyaki chicken and rice and apple juice
  6. Does lamb become soft? sometimes lamb tastes like rubber, but I want to try your recipie thanks ✌️
  7. Has anyone baked cinnabon? Can you share delicious recipie? I would like to bake it for my child , she is addicted to cinnabons 😊
  8. What would you recommend from these three? Which is the best? Forgive me if someone already asked, I did not read the entire thread😇
  9. Hi! I'm Erin, I combine a lot, I'm a designer, mum, coffee lover, cook, good wife and friend😄 I would be glad to know something new and share my opinion and knowledge
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