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  1. I used to rely on Maille for all my Dijon needs. But for a long time now the only Maille available to me (here in California) is dosed with citric acid. A big detriment to flavor, in my opinion. There may well be different formulas shipped to different places, one imagines, if one also is imagining that one is being short-changed whilst the rest of the world fairly drowns in citric-acid-free Maille Dijon mustard. So I peruse mustard labels everywhere, and manage somehow. German markets, I can offer from experience, perhaps to no one's surprise, are good places to shop for mustards. Pizen short on the Dijons, though. Priscilla
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    Dinner! 2002

    I am (perhaps inordinately) interested in what folks cook in their own kitchens. I can pretty much WEAR OUT those who cross my purview quizzing them on the subject; not everyone is renewedly galvanized by the Search for Ingredients as I am, it seems, or, has even a superficial interest in those beatifying moments when raw materials and inspiration converge serendipitously. Would it be of interest to anyone else to have an eGullet topic here in Cooking about what we cooked for dinner? I am edified by the restaurant discourse, and of course home cooking finds its way into many posts already, I know I know I know, but what I am imagining would be a quotidian communal journal-type chronicle documenting what eGulletaires COOKED, for DINNER. Fancy, homely, good, not-so-good, hardcore full-on from scratch, or delicately supported by convenience foods. And then of course whether the sponge gets run through the dishwasher after cleanup, or not. What do you all think? And, what did you cook for dinner? Priscilla Management Note: The Dinner! topic proved over time to be one of our most popular topics, eventually reaching nearly a thousand pages and almost three million views before it had to be split up because the database could no longer handle it. It is now broken up by year: Dinner! 2002 (This topic) Dinner! 2003 Dinner! 2004 Dinner! 2005 Dinner! 2006 Dinner! 2007 Dinner! 2008 Dinner! 2009 Dinner! 2010 Dinner! 2011 Dinner! 2012
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