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  1. I'm looking for a restaurant recommendation tonight. Something local -- there seems to be no Dubai cuisine, so I'll take Syrian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Iranian, etc. suggestions. I'm staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, but I can take a taxi anywhere. Is this list from the NY Times worthwhile? http://travel.nytimes.com/travel/guides/middle-east/united-arab-emirates/dubai/restaurants.html Thanks, Bruce
  2. Never heard of it. Sounds like fun. Bruce
  3. I went back to Wasaw a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had better news to report: 1) Kurt Scheller's is closed, and 2) Restauracja Polska Tradycja wasn't nearly as good as it was three years ago. Bruce
  4. I regularly do multi-course shrimp-truck dinners, and like to start off with a single grilled jumbo shrimp. Shrimp wrapped in bacon is a stand-by, but lately I've been serving the shrimp with a single accompanying flavor. Two days ago I served one shrimp with a not-very-sweet mango-apricot marmalade, and then another with a brushing of vanilla cream and a drop of Marie Sharp's hot sauce. Lots of things work: pepper jelly, chesnut cream with a bit of hot sauce, mole. I tend to cook up a few shrimp, cut them in pieces, and play around with whatever's in the fridge. Bruce
  5. Minneapolis sorely needs a place like this. Congratulations and good luck. I'll try to bring a group in on Friday. Bruce
  6. Turns out the Rockpool is now open on Monday nights. That's my second reservation. I'm done. Thank you.
  7. Quay is open on Sunday, and I got a reservation. Thank you.
  8. Near as I can tell, all the top Sydney restaurants are closed Sunday and Monday. I'm looking for suggestions -- two of them -- for dinner restaurants on those days. I'm flying halfway around the planet, and want a pair of memorable meals. What's good and impressive, and open Sunday and Monday? Bruce
  9. I had the tasting menu at Foliage last Wednesday night. Not a cheap meal -- thankfully, someone else was paying -- but a very good one. I'll post more details if I have time, but I want to give a special mention to the wine pairing. Very nicely done. Bruce
  10. The best thing I've found to do with it is add it to champagne for a before-dinner drink
  11. Sometime around the turn of the last century, when King Edward got his first horseless carriage, his doctor worried about him tootling around the dank and drafty countryside. So he requested this warming drink from Berry Bros and Rudd. It's a ginger liqueur: 41% alcohol, and very strong. (No common brandy for Edward VII; it's good to be king.) I believe this is the only alcoholic drink specifically created for drinking while driving. It's hard to find, but a friend brought me a bottle from England.
  12. Watch a block of Cheddar age in real time. It's more fun than watching paint dry, but only slightly.
  13. Of course. The members of this board include a broad spectrum of the foodie public.
  14. I think you're confusing two audiences here: us foodies and everyone else. Me, I agree with Busboy. I don't need a long review. Just tell me what the place is like and what kind of food they're going to serve. I'm just going to order the tasting menu if they have one, so tell me if there any dishes in particular that I should ask for or avoid. Anything more than that I don't need. But that's us. We know what we're going to a restaurant for, and we know how to figure out what we want. Most readers of restaurant reviews -- the actual audience for restaurant reviews -- aren't like that. The
  15. When I was in London two weeks ago, I fought off sleep and went to La Noisette. The restaurant is real hard to find. There's only a small sign on the wall, and a very non-restaurant-looking lobby area. The restaurant is upstairs, and reasonably pretty. Nice and friendly service. I had the winter tasting menu. The amuse bouche was a white asparagus cream with pistachio and parmesan. Good, but I wanted more asparagus flavor. First course: Braised pork belly -- rich and almost caramelized -- with watercress sauce, pork jelle, toasted nuts (I forget which kind), and coconut foam. This was go
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