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  1. I'm not seein' secrets though...

    Seems like a regular cooking show...

    Wow, a poem!

    Whadda ya mean? She told us to burn the crap of the peppers. :raz:

    i loved that!!!! i mean. yeah, she could have said it differently but she made her point, ya know? LOVE the show - it's fun and it makes me want to cook more! how can you not love that? Christ, going to cook me some mussels for crying out loud!

  2. ha, smacking that lamb cracked me up. Mild Bill, i think you may be right about the concept being better suited to an hour - she could impart so much more detail on what, how and why, if she didn't have to rush. But, I'd settle for a better time slot - this is pretty bad, why premiere new shows at such a horrible time?

    damn, she made that leg of lamb look easy, i have to say...

  3. When Valerie said she was making blini's ahead of time I thought, "Oh nooooo...!!!"

    And were they saying "Bellini?" as in the drink?

    ah, yeah, valerie kept calling them "bellinis," even at the end when colicchio corrected them. just bad. bye, valerie (just watching it now, tivoed so no idea who gets sent home)

  4. consider yourself lucky - i've been at it since they released the first week almost every day, couple of windows, two computers (oh, yeah, husband has been drafted too) and still only getting to green to red.

    except for the first day, when it took more than a minute, the tables are gone in less than 1 minute from what i've seen. i think maybe out connection is a little slower than others, which does not bide well

  5. ok, people, how do you manage to get those reservations? i've been at it since the aborted online-too-soon false start every single day and i guess my internet connection is just not fast enough (verizon dsl) - i've seen a green check or two a couple of times but when i click it turns to red... :sad: it's going to be months, isn't it? i hope they keep the foie and egg dishes on for a while, at least till i get there (which, optimistcally, could be in July)

    anyone who needs extra stomachs to fill in, let me know!

  6. looks good but one thing about the beet ravioli - while possibly rare in little italy, this is a traditional northern italian dish - casunziei - and the poppy seeds are an integral part of it. i was surprised that the chef would say he added them "for interest." (although the traditional version is made with ricotta. i imagine the mascarpone worked very nicely.) you will find good casunziei at Al di La in Brooklyn and Abboccato in the city.

  7. i drink happily, smoke occasionally and get stressed regularly so i do take lots of vit. C and a multivitamins. as a female, i also take iron and calcium regularly. i figure everything i take is excreted when not assimilated so i'm not getting potentially toxic stuff stored in my liver. but it's all backup and supportive role - the bulk of my nutrients come from my mostly veg/fruit-and-whole-grain-heavy diet.

    i used to never take supplements but a nutritionist friend convinced me to supplemt a bit. no megadoses of anything though. and no pills that give mde gag reflex when i open the bottle (you'd be surprised)

  8. Bar Tabac on Smith St. had a huge petanque tournament last year, they block off part of Smith St. and cover it in sand, teams from around the world compete -fun stuff!

    according to their website, they are doing it again this year

  9. Zabb in Queens...very good by all accounts.

    Zabb in the EV....ugh.  they've massively dumbed down the menu (and the dishes) for a Caucasian, EV audience.  no better than Klong and the like.

    edit: this apparently wasn't true at the opening but happened pretty quickly thereafter.

    that's so disappoining to hear. never been to the queens location - guess will have to make it there rather than try the city one :sad:

    twobrain - as long as yo get there before midnight, you should be fine -it's lots of fun and lots of good food :-)

  10. Writing as a 'civilian'.....

    This [second] time they pull that? Nothing.

    Next time? "Sorry, we have no tables available at that time. No, sorry, we're fully booked then as well. " &c. &c.

    The joy of reservation systems. Or am I out of line here?



    unfortunately, you can't ask their name when they call - not before you give them a table...

  11. someone like RG gets attention - and hence site traffic & advertising - exactly for going in early and being first to report. i'd never consider it a review, after all it is a personal impression by someone who is usually known to the house. she's definitely not hiding her identity, has her photograph on her blog and has been in video bits on restaurants on lx.tv - chatting with the owners and management

    it's fine to report news and that's what it should be. but slapping a rating based on a one-time visit on a first night? NOT a review.

    re: Mercat - pretty space, terribly loud and noisy, eager but not yet polished service. pricey wine list. the food? a little undewhelming. good razor clams, padrones and snail skewers, bland baccala fritters, unexciting salumi.

    the bar is already a scene.

  12. i'm totally new to this frozen yogurt craze but i finally tried it - pinkberry and yolato.

    pinkberry - as much as i enjoyed the taste of the plain (green tea was lost on me) i can't imagine getting "addicted" or visiting more that once in a blue moon. the yogurt is perfectly fine - but it's just one thing and no amount of toppings changes that. i agree it is pricey

    yolato - i liked the frozen yogurt very much, actually, it was creamier than pinkberrys. BUT there is also lots of other stuff - gelato, sorbet, crepes - a variety of treats. i can see myself going back to try different things and flavors much more often, especially the gelato - they have a dangerously generous sample policy :laugh:

    40 carrots next!

    and Grom when it opens, but i digress

  13. This is sad. The bureaucrats have won. :sad:

    or, rather, the corporation. every time a big company says they are doing something for the good of the customer, you know, for "me," somehow it always benefits them more, doesn't it?

    it's sad and we'll be hearing more of such news. count me in the small producer supporter camp.

    i think i should start investigating Hendricks Farms - i don't believe i've ever tried your cheese! must find out more - off to check your website

  14. seems it's a rather wide-spread practice in NY - if you look at Shameless Restaurants (a restaurant staff venting website so take anything you read with a grain of salt), this is a major topic for posts - complaints, questions, etc.

    a hell lot of stuff comes out of tips - waitstaff tips, managers' cut, credit card fees?!

  15. i agree - it's not the best choice to only offer prix fixe in the dining room. at least offr two and there course options. obviously, they are trying to ensure a certain level of revenue but these things always backfire. Varietal was always busier in the bar on the few occasions i was there - looks like it may remain this way?

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