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Index of eGCI Courses

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The following index of eGCI courses is arranged by category. New courses will be added as they run.

If you want to read any of the courses, please keep in mind that in some cases the original instructor may not be available to answer questions. However, we will do our best to find answers to any questions you post.

Introductory Survey Courses

Chinese Cooking: Southern Home-Style Dishes Course and Q&A

"Drive-in" Cooking Course and Q&A

Beginners Guide to Regional Indian Cooking Course and Q&A

Japanese Cuisine Course and Q&A

Introduction to Lebanese Cuisine Course and Q&A

Thai Cooking Course and Q&A

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone Course and Q&A

Cooking Methods and Techniques

The Truth About Braising Introduction, Assignment #1, Discussion #1, Assignment #2, Discussion #2,

Assignment #3, Discussion #3, Assignment #4, Discussion #4, Q&A, and What To Do with All That Leftover Braised Meat.

Brining Course and Q&A

Basic Knife Skills Course and Q&A

Cooking Equipment

The Kitchen Scale Manifesto and Q&A

Understanding Stovetop Cookware Course and Q&A

Knife Maintenance and Sharpening Course and Q&A

Stocks, Soups and Sauces

Stocks and Sauces Course Introduction, Intro Q&A, Simmering Unit, Simmering Q&A, Straining, Defatting and Reducing Unit, Reduction Q&A, Stock-Based Sauces Unit, and Sauces Q&A

Non-Stock-Based Sauces Course and Q&A

Cream Sauces Course and Q&A

Basic Condiments Course and Q&A

Mexican Table Salsas Course and Q&A

Consommé Course and Q&A

Soups, Part One: Thick Soups Course and Q&A

Single Ingredients and Dishes

Chiles Course and Q&A

All About Eggs Introduction, FAQ, Hard-Cooked Eggs Course and Q&A, Poaching Eggs Course and Q&A, Omelettes and More Course and Q&A, Souffles Course and Q&A, Cooking Eggs With With the Pros Course and Q&A

Pasta Around the Mediterranean Course and Q&A

Stuffed Pastas Introduction, Course on Pansotti, Tortelloni and and Raviolo, Course on Tortelli, Ravioli & Cappelletti, and Q&A

The Potato Primer Course and Q&A

Risotto Course and Q&A

Leaf Salads Course and Q&A

Soy Course and Q&A


Science in the Kitchen: Cooking Meat Course and Q&A

Smoking Meat at Home Course and Q&A

Pit Roasting a Pig Course and Q&A

Baking, Desserts and Confectionery

Baking with Dan Lepard Course and Q&A

Sourdough Bread Course and Q&A

A Sampling of North Indian Breads Course and Q&A

A Sampling of South Indian Breads Course and Q&A

Confectionery 101 Course and Q&A


Preservation Basics Course and Q&A

Autumn and Festive Preserves Course and Q&A


Homebrewing for the Absolute Beginner Course and Q&A

Evaluating Wine Introduction, Course, and Q&A

Classic Cocktails Course and Q&A

Evolving Cocktails Course Part 1, Part 2, and Q&A

Holiday/Traditional Cooking

The Festival of Lights Diwali Course and Q&A

Cooking through the Jewish Year Course and Q&A

Meal Planning and Presentation

Plating and Presentation Introduction and Course, and Q&A

Menu Planning Course and Q&A

Specialty Topics

Taste and Texture Part I: Taste, Part II: Texture, Taste Q&A, and Texture Q&A.

Cooking with Disabilities Course Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Q&A

Cooking for One Course and Q&A

Cooking with Kids Course and Q&A

How To Be a Better Food Writer Course and Q&A

Amateur Cooking Competitions Course and Q&A

How to Dine: Getting the Most from Restaurants Course and Q&A

eGCI Demonstrations

Jewish Foods (introduction and index)

Note: We've done our best to make sure that all the links work, but if you encounter any problems, please let us know by sending a PM to eGCI Team.

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