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i ate there about 3 weeks ago and it was very good. the smoked swordfish appetizer is wonderful and so are the ceviches. also liked the lobster tacos and shrimp empanadas. very seafood oriented menu (which is great for me--i don't eat meat), nice raw bar selection. my only disappointment was the octopus (the mole was just not for me). and the pompano was was delicious but the black rice left me cold. By the way, it's not just Placido Domingo's restaurant--Richard Sandoval of Maya is the chef/owner. Chef de Cuisine Josefina Santacruz is great and pretty much in charge of the kitchen. oh, and the dessert menu is very short--tried the dulce de leche custard (cajeta), delicious, and lemon souffle, which was outstanding.

mexican hot chocolate was not. the room upstairs is beautiful. you should definitely try it.

have fun and report back!

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Had a very good lunch at Pampano today. Can't wait to go back with a larger group and try more dishes. Upstairs dining room is breezy and beautiful

Fantastic salad to start: mixed field greens, apple, avocado, crumbled pieces of smoked swordfish and a lemony vinaigrette. Yes, it was just a salad, but the combination of flavors were remarkable.

Camarones Pampano - 6 medium sized spice rubbed shrimp (or prawn, no idea), in a subtle broth/sauce that reminded more of something I would eat in a Jeanne Georges restaurant than an upscale Mexican. It came with a really tasty goat cheese stuffed green pepper (not sure the kind, but it was mild) Either way, the shrimp were fresh and cooked perfectly. The dish was very good but Im a big eater, and I needed more food.

So I ordered a side of mixed veggies (mushrroms, baby carrots, mushrooms, fresh corn off the cobb, etc) that were excellent and an order of rice and beans rocked.

My client had a Calamari app which I stole a small piece of (when he went to the bathroom) and it was excellent. He saw me drooling and hooked me up with a nice chunk of hisCitrus Sea Bass was off the charts.. Truly fantastic. were amazing.

I've been to Maya, Rosa, Dos Caminos, etc. This place is currently firing on all cylinders.

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Had dinner on the outdoor terrace last night - perfect atmosphere, excellent food and service. We started with guacamole, quesadillas made with Oaxacan cheese, and the lobster tacos. I would go back just to hit the appetizer section again. The flavors in the guacamole were exploding & the quesadillas were exactly like the kind you would get in the city of Oaxaca.

I had the pampano, he had seafood meatballs served over a shrimp/lobster bisque. Mine was very good - fish great & rice just OK, but his dish was outstanding.

We tried the custard with carmelized bananas & corn cake with coconut ice cream and hibiscus sauce for dessert. I thought custard had good texture but was somewhat bland, the ice cream and corn cake was an interesting combination but didn't blow either of us away. We both enjoyed the Mexican hot chocolate.

I would recommend to anyone (as long as you like seafood)

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