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  1. You won't find much in Montauk. Pretty depressing food scene overall. We prefer to grill rather than overpay for so-so food and typically salty service. U never know who is cooking year to year so if you find anything decent, please report back. Topside at Gosmans has beautiful views of the fleet coming in and out of the lakes. That said, it is also a great place for a Bloody Mary in the late afternoon. Personally, I would suggest steering clear of Gosman's touristy, overpriced, mediocre food. Their market is pricey but quite good by Montauk standards. Also, the takeout area at Gosmans
  2. I usually smoke pork butt upto 13 hrs and brisket for 23hrs. Trying to figure out how to raise the temperature in my smoker, shorten the cooking time, without burning my rub. I use brown and/or sugar-in-the-raw. Even at the 185-215 levels Im finding that my sugars carmelize too quickly...usually after a few hours. Ive tried leaving the sugar out of the rub and the flavor sacrifice is too much. Ive tried adding sugar later in the process thru sugared apple juice and although that helps the carmelization process, in my opinion, sugar needs to be in the rub. Adding rub later in the process
  3. I had an excellent lunch there with a client on Monday. For some reason, CM is a bit off the radar with the biz lunch scene. Ive never had a problem getting last minute lunch reservations. I had most of the same dishes discussed in the last post. We also ordered a fried manchego app from the prix fixed menu that was out of this world. It came with the best honey I've ever had. I asked the chef where they sourced it from and realized (duh!) they infused it with Safron. Great stuff and a definite must-try.
  4. Not a food style and Im not sure if your friend's will even appreciate this but, something I miss everytime I leave NYC is our incredible late night dining scene. We have better choices between 10p-4am than most cities have during prime time. Florent, Odeon, Schiller's, Blue Ribbon Brasserie are quintessential ny style bistros. If you want asian, NY Noodletown in chinatown can satisfy a weekend craving for Soft Shell crabs until 4am and Kang Suh is amongst numerous places in Koreatown (32nd st) open 24 hrs. Grab a pastrami sandwich from Katz's at 2am, a slice at Joe's on Bleeker at 3am and
  5. eatpie


    Friends are all coming in from different places (Amstdm and UK) and being that our great USA cell system is only available IN the us, my cell is useless. Le Metro Bleu is the closest landmark spot and supposedly very close to our friend's flat where we'll be staying. Bottom line, if there are train lockers we'll be checking our bags and off in a cab to Mon Vieil Ami, if we have to deal with baggage drop off then a fall back plan is needed. Worse comes to worse its a day of street food and then dinner at Dominique Bouchet (thanks for the tip, John). So looking forward to a paris chow (what
  6. eatpie


    Sorry for this Chowhound type ? but I know I can trust the E-Gulleters for an accurate response and Im a bit rushed for time being that I get into Paris tmw. Should be arriving at the Gare de Lyon around 1pm. Ill rendez vous with some friends at Le Train Bleu for a cocktail then planned to drop our bags off at the flat in the 11th and head via metro to Mon Vieil Ami for our first meal. Looks like we may be cutting it a bit close considering I recall they finiish seating for lunch at 2pm. That said, considering Le Repaire de Cartouche as an alternative choice. Is it walking distance fro
  7. eatpie

    The 17th

    John, thanks for the reply...looks like the groom is vetoing the flat "way out in the 17th." Instead, he's arranged for us to stay in the 11th. Should be much easier to navigate but ironically further from Wednesday's dinner at Dominique Bouchet's.
  8. eatpie

    The 17th

    Next week, Im in Paris for 2 days of eating prior to a wedding in London. Have not been to paris in over 12 years. Been sorting through these boards and have a decent itinerary consisting of art, food, food, food, art, food - Can't wait. Im staying in a flat in the 17th Ar. John Talbott mentioned it's an up and coming restaurant area but I haven't been able to unearth any specifics. Can anyone point me in the proper direction of a solid bistro, cheese shop, patisserie etc in the general vicinity?
  9. eatpie


    I had a new special there on Friday night that was excellent. Green Chicken Curry with Fried Bread on the side...down on the bottom of the specials menu. Tasty stuff.
  10. eatpie

    Shake Shack

    I waited an hour in line on Saturday - around 2pm. It was a beutiful day so I actually enjoyed the wait. Double Shack Burger was outstanding. I recalled the fries being so-so and ended up being pleasantly surprised although our order of cheese on the "cheese fries" had coagulated by the time our food was ready. Choc Shake was over mixed and had too much milk, Arnie Palmer was delish. $16 was a steep price tag but I def overindulged. I had a few bites of a their tasty fried Portobello Burger - good stuff.
  11. There's also a place on E B'way, just east of Bowery, on the north side of the square - that makes hand pulled noodle soup. Little sliver of a place - think the exact address is #9 E B'Way but I don't recall an english sign. They make a good Stewed Beef Noodle Soup and for an extra .50 a runny fried egg tops it off nicely.
  12. Monica, The tips of my fingers are tingling with anticipation for my first trip to India. I land in Delhi on 2/12 and these pix and your editorial transported me. Thx mucho, Mark
  13. FYI - last year the city was offering tax abatements for businesses moving into the area that Dinosaur is now occupying...coincidence?
  14. Just a heads up to those Mets fans complaining about the food at Shea - and yes, it generally sucks. Mama's (Leo's) from Corona has a sandwich stand on the 3rd base side of homeplate at field level. They offer excellent fresh Mozz and Turkey sandwiches on good bread with small containers of marinated mushrooms and peppers. Sandwiches run $9 and are big enough to share if you're not too hungry. On certain days of the week (Thu-Sun?) they also offer a Pork Special. For those without Field Level seats, walk to the 3rd base side of homeplate and descend the ramp. Then ask security for the entr
  15. You might think Im crazy here but Noodles on 28th has great ribs. Meatier and leaner than most, they have a slightly reddish sugar based crust that crisps up nicely under the broiler and the meat stays tender and properly "porky." Just to be clear, the ribs are not fall-off-the-bone tender but instead a bit firm and chewy. If you go, try asking them for your order "cut in half" resulting in bite sized ribs. Overall, Noodles is NOT a great (or destination) Chinese restaurant, but their ribs rock.
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