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The Three Chimneys, Skye

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I went a few weeks ago, dinner was very nice indeed, no idea why they haven't got a Michelin star, it was certainly a solid one star IMO. Fruits der mer included a lovely potted crab, flat oyster, Langoustine (not as good as some I had at Kishorn seafood a couple of days earlier). Crab Risotto was good but not patch on the Sportsman version. Grouse was good but milder than I would prefer, I'm beginning to wonder if there is a "correct" hanging time as it seems to vary so much from place to place. Too many strong Whisky's, Wine and cocktails and wine contributed to a large bill and me completely forgetting what we had for dessert but three courses at £55 seemed reasonable for the quality of the food.

The rooms are very nice as well. :smile:

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If you're in Skye then I'd definately recommend going.

I was up recently spending some time in the kitchen there and the skill and passion (of the brigade) and amazing quality of the produce delivers some truly awesome food; I was lucky enough to have the Tastes of Skye menu on my last night there and it ranks as one of my best meals ever.

Worst thing about the Lums is how far away it is from me - though that won't prevent me going back..

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