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  1. If you're in Skye then I'd definately recommend going. I was up recently spending some time in the kitchen there and the skill and passion (of the brigade) and amazing quality of the produce delivers some truly awesome food; I was lucky enough to have the Tastes of Skye menu on my last night there and it ranks as one of my best meals ever. Worst thing about the Lums is how far away it is from me - though that won't prevent me going back..
  2. Chefs, a late on #FF for @Myglobalharvest - my favourite wild pollen and truffle honey dealer..

  3. Only just beginning to get hungry following an awesome bacon ciabatta from @Centotre this morning, how're you doing @AileenLamb ?

  4. Annoying veggie coming this weekend, meal saved by the development of an @MacsweenHaggis veggie haggis pastilla, too nice for her frankly..

  5. And last #FF (for now) for @BreeOlson - the thinking Chef's favourite vegan..

  6. And someone else is now linking bloody 4square to Twitter *unfollows*

  7. Photography for new website starts this weekend, quite exciting really. Wonder if they can do me a better looking avatar while they're at it

  8. Support Official RBL Poppy, add a #twibbon now! - http://t.co/hAfRRXaF - Create one here - http://t.co/E3DJhbVc

  9. Aaaaargh, want a cigarette...

  10. 42.5 hours since my last cigarette and the cravings have gone, that's how to do it! Now could someone pass me another box of Jaffa Cakes?

  11. Little known #Rossfact Hollywood star @AlanCumming babysat me when I was very, very young..

  12. Behind watching Masterchef and what the fuck is this "gastric sauce", it's gastrique surely... #pedant

  13. I am NOT going to have a cigarette, I am Not going to have a cigarette-will be repeating this mantra (and trying not to stab anyone) all day

  14. That last tweet should have been sent to @Allison_Patrick - I seem to not be fully functioning yet this morning..

  15. Nuts, the gamekeeper's on holiday this week, anyone know where - can get 6 Partridge for a private dinner next Saturday?

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