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I can only speak for myself, but I don't have much anger.  Just a guffaw, a snicker, and a sputter of disbelief.

Let 'em eat whatever the heck they want.  I won't laugh in their faces, of course (if I were ever to meet a Fruitarian, I mean), but that doesn't mean it isn't funny.

Here, here! You speak for me as well, jhlurie!! Goodness knows, most of us need a good chortle now and again . . .

Now where I *can* become angry is when I hear reports, as I did earlier this very week, of a well-meaning-but-woefully-ignorant vegan couple who inadvertently (one hopes!) starved their baby to death in an effort to make the child as "healthy" as possible. Not good at all. :angry:

Actually, I heard that news item about the Vegans a few hours after last posting here.

Beachfan, I think this (clickity-click) is the explanation for the anger you've been looking for.

To assign this criminal behavior to vegans in general as opposed to these individuals is ludicrous.


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I'm referring more to the online experience, vegetarians I know personally are more interested in finding a good place to eat with enough choices and do not tend to call too much attention to their situation.

Have you actually looked at this "Fruitarian" website?  it is chock full of misleading and potentially dangerous "Information."  I think it bears an angry response as there are already a lot of dangerous nutritional practices in western culture.

Here is a good quote touting the health benefits of the frutarian practices:

"Significative reduction or elimination of the menstrual flow for the women (maybe twice a year only or even nothing at all…)!"

WTF?! Last I heard the reduction or elimination of mestrual flow is an indication of malnourishment and is often an indicator of anorexia in women.

Would you say they are not adopting an evangelical tone? How about these statements:

Cooked food eating creates physical and emotional addiction to the person who eats it… weakens the immune system, makes people grow and look older and develops serious illnesses over time, it also makes societies to develop habits and economic structures that are pollutant to the environment destroying life and the life supporting mechanisms of our planet!

If you eat cooked foods and in particular flesh of animals, then your body is automatically poisoned and you condemned to develop in yourself a lot of low quality of thoughts, feelings and emotions…and if you want to develop high levels of intellectual, artistic or spiritual life then you will have to go on big "sweat" and maybe pain to conquer your goals…with fruit nutrition, the results of your creation will be brilliant, colorful and enchanting…

They then proceed into the standard issue "enzyme" nonsense, using junk science to support their views. What worries me is not so much adults that decide to adopt this lifestyle but the possible harm to unwitting young children who are dragged into it by their parents.

Very well put.

Not angry, just voicing my honest opinion. I do not send hate e-mails to these folks nor do I throw eggs at them in the street (waste of good protein :smile:). Their website is a compilation of flawed propaganda that they try to pass as a fact that was reached using the proper scientific method :wacko:.


E. Nassar
Houston, TX

My Blog
contact: enassar(AT)gmail(DOT)com

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I like Fruitarians, they are silly. I once had a fantastic argument with a fruitarian lady. I put forward the view that as most chicken eggs were not fertilized, there was no conflict with the Fruitarian philosophy of not destroying (potential) life, so they could eat chicken eggs. She stupidly argued back (sucker) that eating chicken eggs was not OK, but I counted that it was just a question of marketing.

Chicken eggs = Wrong.

"Cackle Berries" = OK.

In the end I pointed out that as a conventional Fruitarian she might find here self in the same position as Persephone and accidently consume some seeds and therefore, like Persephone, condemming herslef to Fruitarian Hell. She looked sad about this so I suggested that she only eat bananas as they were infertile tripliods, so no issues with seeds and infact, several groups of people ate nothing but bananas (well, bananas and the occasional goat). This made her happy, so she was then going to eat nothing but bananas in the future. Always happy to help.

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All silly arguments are fantastic. They are fun. It's only serious arguments that aren't fantastic. Also, argument took place in a vinyard in Australia, while sitting in the sunshine, drinking wine and eating excellent food, after a day of picking grapes for some friends. Not something that you can do in Britian I guess, the chance of decent weather, food and booze all at the same time is just to small.

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