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  1. I ate their 4 times, and liked it twice and absolutely loved it twice (one of the tmes I only liked it, I loved other peoples food). I'm sure the reason they closed was because of how labor intensive the food was. Pricey as it was, I'm not sure they made real money. But they had techniques there that deserved to be experienced, regardless of your attitude towards fire or meat.
  2. How do I ask them to cook for me off menu? I have a good friend in town and we are going this weekend. I think just ask. While I haven't done it, I heard sitting on the Pato helps.
  3. Joe's. I like Melisse, but for LAX sans car, Joe's.
  4. Not sure I'd go tasting menu unless Lee was cooking for you "off the menu". My favorites Fois gras three ways (with a glass of d'Yquem) Beet salad angliotti with truffles and marscapone pan roasted turbot with leek spagetti (haven't had it but I doubt you could go wrong)
  5. Correct, and panned in last Wednesday's food section. Unfortunately, Posto had slid dramatically.
  6. I was slow to find out that Posto's closed in Sherman Oaks. At one time, it was truly great. But they kept siphoning off the chef's to cook at Valention's (both LA and Vegas).
  7. Let's be realistic. Assuming no traffic is a bad assumption. There is no place within a real 15 minutes of the airport that's better than a Denny's (unless there's some unsung BBQ joint). Don't even try to eat that close. Unless you are going to be drinking, no reason not to go to the restaurants suggested above; not 15 minutes, but not far timewise. But 10 miles away or more.
  8. I love Campanille, you'd have to drop $300 for two to do better (Sona, Melisse when it's on, Spago) even if those places were open.
  9. And sometimes the tasting bar at the Wine Club is very interesting. These are the two best places in that part of town.
  10. Props to Food Zealot for organizing the expedition!!! Which was the sauteed greens that we got first? Exceptional. The Somtom was superb. I really liked the wide noodles with shrimp, chili, basil and tomatoes at the end. And the larb was a winner. It showed the value of a large group. There were good dishes and great dishes and the ones I thought would be the best weren't necessarily.
  11. Do they allow corkage? I have a nice Alsatian wine to bring.
  12. Roger that! I'm in (for 2). Where's tissue?
  13. I've heard great things about Aubergine.
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