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Burgeoning Local Craft Beer Scene now Out-Employs Traditional Breweries


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This relates more to the business side of brewing than the tasting side, but here in New Brunswick (where out-migration to other provinces is often driven by lack of jobs) a recent survey by the CBC showed that the province's craft brewers account for more jobs than mainstream brewers like Moosehead and Molson-Coors.




When I moved here in 2007, the only local craft brewers (AFAIK) were Pump House in Moncton and Picaroon's in Fredericton. Now there are 70+, with more emerging all the time. Incredibly, Nova Scotia has a still-higher number of craft brewers per capita despite its larger population.


It's just not possible to keep up without making it a full-time job (and having another, lucrative full-time job to pay for all the beer) but I try to make sure I taste something new a couple of times each month. My current favorite is an IPA-style rye beer from Trailways, one of the brewers featured in the article. It's called Rype, because it's a "ryePA." It's on the fruity end of the IPA spectrum, but with interestingly spicy undertones from the rye.

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