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Don Giovanni

Biodynamic Wine Tasting--Fruit day v Root day. Don't call it bunk.

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Biodynamic Wine Tasting Fruit day vrs root day . call it bunk until you experience it

Fruit day vrs root day ... call it bunk until you experience it ...

today when showing wines I was asked to join in and give some notes... having just done this yesterday it seemed like a no brainer, right ? wrong ... not looking at my biodynamic calendar I started to taste the wines... earth and minerals that just were not there yesterday at all... more swirl, sniff, sip, spit ... again earth notes and minerals... A very big WTF... moment ... I yell out oh no it's a root day ... the sommelier who I was tasting with says your right ...!!!... all earth no fruit... go ck your BD calendar ... sure enough the day was fruit in he AM ... we now were into the root part of the cycle when we were tasting...

I taste all the time with people ... for some reason the root day unbeknown to me, took over and was confirmed by the notes and the BD calendar...

you can call it whatever you want ... seeing is believing and I believe...

so question ... have you ever tasted a wine one day and the very next experienced such a difference ? did you ever think it might be a different cycle such as a root day ?


many of us have lived the experience not knowing why things tasted so different just a few days apart ... my post is one of knowing understanding that I had and identifying the type of BD day without looking ... this is the art in practice ... the art of the taste...

this is a great BD calender... Click On Me


Every day is a good day to drink wine, but some days are better than others...

Fruit days (red) are BEST for bringing out the taste of the wine

Flower days (yellow) are neutral in terms of taste

Leaf days (green) will not do the wine any favours

Root days (brown) will have a negative effect on the wine flavour

If you need any proof of this - other than your own taste buds, check out the recent lunar wine tasting articles on the BBC and in The Guardian, or you can watch this 5 minute SKY News clip about

Both Marks and Spencer and Tesco product buyers consult a moon wine tasting calendar so that they only conduct wine-tasting for supplier selection on Fruit Days!!!

So why not use our Biodynamic Moon Gardening Calendar, and save the Chateau Lafitte for Fruit days, and drink the boxed plonk on Root days. Simply choose the red-coloured Fruit days on the calendar, or the Yellow coloured Flower days as the next-best choice.

Click On Me

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