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Winnipeg Seafood

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Probably an odd quesion i know but I've been asked to cook a seafood dinner in Winnipeg on Christmas Eve. I am just looking for opinions on if it is best to get the supplies here and bring them or if there is a decent place to get seafood in Winnipeg? I know there used to be a fish market on Pembinea that was ok, just haven't been there in years. Thanks for any help.

I am looking for:






A whole fish (to be salt crusted, species can be prett open, whatever we find)

A lot of basil leaves

6 in 1 tomatoes

Fresh mozza

Thanks for any assistance!


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Where is the 'here' that you're coming from?

I don't buy shellfish and never look for it -- but if you're coming from a place where you can buy it fresh, you may want to do that.

Gimli Fish Market is on Pembina HWY - you can try phoning them before you leave to see what will be available (204-477-6831).

They also have a store on Dufferin, which is just down the street from Mariner Neptune (204-589-5341). They're both in the north end and may be out of your way.

Fresh basil - Sobey's usually has good-size bags available.

Fresh mozzarella - Piazza de Nardi - on Taylor Ave. It's not far from the Gimli Fish Market on Pembina.

eta: There's a Sobeys down the street from Piazza so you should be able to get most of what you need in the same area.

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