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Unicum vs. Zwack

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Finally got to opening the Unicum that I brought back from Munich.

Whomever said that Unicum makes Fernet taste like coca-cola wasn't kidding.

This stuff is *really* bitter.

You drink enough Unicum and Fernet starts tasting sweet. Seriously.

Todd A. Price aka "TAPrice"

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The image on this page exactly matches what's on my shelf. The plastic top must be rare or very old. Almost no images of it could be found:

Drink Swap

I'll go out and pick up some Zwack (i.e. Unicum Next). Can't wait to compare. One can never have too many digestif bitters.

Edit: I emailed Zwack for more info.

This bottle design, with the plastic cap, looks identical to a group of bottles I ran across the other week in a dusty liquor store. There were at least a dozen bottles, many with labels falling off. I am planning on returning, so I may pick up a bottle and give it a try.

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@Frederic: Does "release" imply that Unicum will be re-released in the US, or only the new plum amaro? I agree that Zwack Liqueur is pretty uninteresting. I've never had Unicum, and I'm anxious to try it alone and in some recipes that I've collected.

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From what was reported to me at Portland Cocktail Week, yes, Unicum will be reintroduced into the US some time in the near future, along with the plum flavored version.


Erik Ellestad

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I picked up the dusty bottle of Unicum, the label essentially fell off by the time I got home, but I am fairly certain I got the real deal as it is extremely bitter without much sweetness. The neck of the bottle had a stamp that indicated it was made in 1994.

I really enjoyed it, a ton of methol and herbaceaus character - the finish lasted for a long time. Very satisfying. May have to go pick up some more bottles as the price was right!

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