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  1. I've discovered this same fact while trawling the seedier liquor stores in my area. The best part is that I've found bottles for very reasonable prices, around $30.
  2. I would love to read your tasting notes on the Dillon rhum agricole. $12 a bottle? Even in France it retails for 20 euros or so, so that's a steal for sure. Amazing find. I've done some shopping too, although not at the liquor store. I bought amaro at a winemaker dinner hosted at the Wine Vault. The winemaker in question was Margerum. He had this really cool story about how the Manhattan was his dad's drink of choice and that it was a special way for them to share time together. So he decided to create an amaro for him. We tried it both neat and in a Maker's Mark Manhattan and it was great
  3. Wish they sold this in my state. The 107 is awesome and I always have a bottle open on my bar. I picked up some Russell Henry London Dry Gin (from the Germain Robin people), but haven't cracked it open yet.
  4. Definitely an improvement except for the new price. I've been stocking up on all the old bottles (including the pre-art deco bottles) that I can find at $20.
  5. I assumed the earl grey infused martini & rossi was sweet vermouth and not dry, but the recipe is definitely ambiguous. I never considered the earl grey issue as well - i love the stuff, but can see how other would not. After reading through this thread again I think a good choice may Regent's Punch, especially since I may be able to get my hand on a bitter orange, which has prevented me from making it in the past.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Caroga Punch from PDT, http://nymag.com/listings/recipe/caroga-punch/ . I am trying to decide on a punch for Christmas for a crowd of mostly novice cocktail drinkers. Last year I made Fish House Punch and the year before was Palin's Christmas Punch, both of which were big hits for a group of infrequent cocktail drinkers. I am a bit worried that the lack of citrus juice may make it unfriendly to the novice crowd. The other option is Admiral Russell's Punch, which would fit the Christmas spirit quite well, but I personally am a bit more intrigued by th
  7. I picked up the dusty bottle of Unicum, the label essentially fell off by the time I got home, but I am fairly certain I got the real deal as it is extremely bitter without much sweetness. The neck of the bottle had a stamp that indicated it was made in 1994. I really enjoyed it, a ton of methol and herbaceaus character - the finish lasted for a long time. Very satisfying. May have to go pick up some more bottles as the price was right!
  8. This bottle design, with the plastic cap, looks identical to a group of bottles I ran across the other week in a dusty liquor store. There were at least a dozen bottles, many with labels falling off. I am planning on returning, so I may pick up a bottle and give it a try.
  9. I have enjoyed Robert Hess's Renaissance in the past: http://www.cocktailc...27/renaissance/ I've got some homemade limoncello and an open bottle of Punt e Mes at home, may have to make this one again.
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