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Dos Brisas


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We went there for my birthday a couple of months ago and had the veg. tasting menu. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of it.

The room is great.

The service is absolutely first rate.

The several dishes we had were all expertly prepared and presented. The menu as a whole was ever so slightly disappointing because (1) while everything (8 courses) was very good, there were only one or two real wow moments, and (2) that effect was magnified by a certain sameness between dishes. They seemed to rely very heavily on their own garden vegg and fresh cheese, which is obviously good at one level, but did produce a certain sameness. I think that if I could go back in time, I'd still go there (the chef is clearly really, really good) and have the regular prix fixe instead.

One other thing to think about. It is really expensive. I had a dinner at Daniel in NYC a month later that cost considerably less (if you don't count the plane ticket) and was a complete show-stopper. I don't know how you feel about paying those kinds of prices in Texas.


Andrew Riggsby


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We are actually staying there (the closest place I could find for the game Thursday night which finally gave me an excuse to check it out). I am astounded by the prices so I am sure I am going to be a bit dissapointed. However, I am interested to try dinner and hopefully won't feel I was fully fleeced for the room and dining charges. I will post an update when we get back.

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