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englewood cliffs

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lovely egulleters,

i need to take someone to lunch whose job has just relocated from mid-manhattan to englewood cliffs. i'll have a car, but don't think we can go too far afield. any recs for lunch in the area? it can be dive-y or nice, but not schmancy.

thanks for all your help.

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Quite a few options down in Englewood proper, just down Palisade Ave., so you don't have to go far. Here's a few-

Bennies (Lebanese) - for mezze and schwarma.

S&S Deli- can't vouch for much beyond the corned beef and pastrami, but both are rock solid good.

Cassie's coal oven pizza- they are making some top notch pizza there, by any standards.

aka Michael

Chi mangia bene, vive bene!

"...And bring us the finest food you've got, stuffed with the second finest."

"Excellent, sir. Lobster stuffed with tacos."

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The Bicycle Club (Englewood Cliffs) -- excellent burgers, nice place, good food. It's been a "regular" spot to many locals for many years. Right next door, The Assembly (might be a bit "schmancy" -- but that can often be a relative term, LOL. Cassie's is a good choice as well (down the hill, E. Palisade, make a left on Dean, I think).

Also, on Sylvan Avenue (9W) is The Cliffs Steakhouse. Some might call it schmancy but I don't think so.


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