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  1. The weakening economy has forced one of North Jersey’s foremost dining destinations to be shuttered, 10 days before the year’s biggest dining weekend. KEVIN R. WEXLER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER NJ.com People are seen inside Arthur's Landing in Weehawken on January 15, 2009 following the crash of Flight 1549. Arthur’s Landing, a landmark on the Hudson River in Weehawken and a dining destination for Broadway-goers and gourmands seeking New York style at New Jersey prices, unexpectedly closed Tuesday. “The severity of this downturn and the unlikelihood of a turnaround in the near future sadly leaves u
  2. I went here for lunch today for the first time. We had the sushi special and it was amazing..could not have been fresher. My friend said she may go back for dinner with her kids and the waitress said they may not like it as it is authentic Japanese. We laughed, asking if she is telling us not to come? She explained that many do not expect the authenticity of the cuisine. My friends kids would actually love it. Great pick!
  3. Mooncake Foods: from NYMAG: 28 Watts Street, Soho: Two couples joined by marriage—plus a restless mother-in-law who can’t stay out of the kitchen—give this comfy Pan-Asian canteen a conspicuous family feel. With its retro-diner décor, off-the-beaten-track address, and mostly $4–$8.25 price range, it’s a Soho anomaly where everything is made with care and served with a welcoming smile. It’s also a wellspring of savory sandwiches, salads, and snacks like springy wontons stuffed with snow-pea greens, sweetly spiced chicken wings, and delicate, exceedingly fresh jícama-stuffed spring rolls. Rec
  4. Thank you Daisy for your post. gee...not many with any ideas? hmmm. We ended up at Mooncakes and it was really good. I mean really good. Surprised no one mentioned it....I found great reviews everywhere and decided it was good for our needs. Great salad, nice staff, inventive menu. I would go again and again.
  5. Any ideas for a reasonably priced restaurant, Italian or Chinese would be most appreciated. Happy Holidays and thank you.
  6. Thank you....I love me some Wondees.
  7. Off tomorrow for lunch in Hackensack. I know Greek Island Grill is at 77 Main St., Hackensack but have never been...Thai, and Cuban. Any other ideas..any good diners? Thank you. Joana
  8. I drive through Newark Avenue often and notice all of the Indian restaurants and stores. I have not gone to any of them in years, and need some help. Are there any standouts? Thanks, Joana
  9. Kinara Indian 880 River Road • Edgewater, NJ 07020 • tel: 201.313.0555 Decent Indian food. Near Whole Foods.
  10. http://www.atthemarketonline.com Saw good reviews on Baristanet. Will try soon. Has anyone gone there yet? Joana
  11. Downtown Montclair: 5 new restaurants Friday, December 28, 2007 By ELISA UNG STAFF WRITER CHRIS PEDOTA / THE RECORD Zod Arifai, chef-owner of Blu restaurant in Montclair, at his new establishment, Next Door. Take a walk through Montclair's downtown these days and you'll spot newcomer restaurants popping up all over Bloomfield Avenue. Here's a look at five of them. Zod Arifai, the chef-owner of the acclaimed Blu, has taken over the spot next door and opened ... Next Door (556 Bloomfield Ave., 973-744-3600.) "It's completely the opposite of Blu," he says. "Blu is very creative, upscale
  12. jwjojo

    Sabor Peru

    We finally went to Sabor Peru after trying to go on more than one Monday night....duh..closed Monday nights Anyway, we were very happy with the food and the service (we were the only ones there last night due to the storm). My friend and I used to frequent a Peruvian restaurant in Union City that was as authentic as they came and very good. We have yet to find a place that makes the Peruvian mussels and Jalea as well. I am thrilled to say Sabor Peru is my new favorite Peruvian restaurant. The mussels were fantastic, the Jalea (fried seafood) was more delicately prepared, and very good.
  13. We went here today and had a chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting. It was good...but...so very small. I hoped the taste to be richer, but it was otherwise good. TOO small!! Just a little thing for 2$. Tom kept talking about Juniors cupcakes, and how big they are for the same price. He did say that this one was a bit tastier. Someone should leave a bigger cupcake pan on their doorstep.
  14. We went last night. Had the smoked chicken w/coleslaw, mac and cheese. I liked the sauces, the chicken was good, not great. Slaw was good, did not enjoy the mac and cheese. Oh...and fries which were just okay.....we would go back. The table next to us was more experimental and seemed to really enjoy a their meal a lot. Worth a try.
  15. smittysbbqjoint.com On Valley Brook Road, just opened in Lyndhurst. We might give it a try tonight. Anyone go yet?
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