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  1. A lot of the places mentioned above aren't too far from the common. No. 9 park abuts the Common, it's across from the State House. Silvertone's is on Bromfield St., running up to the common. Great casual food as someone said above. Mac and cheese, meatloaf, steak tips. Ivy on Temple Place just opened. Have heard good things - Italian small plates. Troquet is on the other side of the Common from No. 9 Park on Boylston st. I think that was also mentioned above. Breakfast? Paramount on Charles St. is a good one and relatively close to the common. As someone said before, breakfast isn't a thing in Boston like in NYC. I would recommend hitting one of the bakeries in the South End as someone said above (Flour or South End Buttery). I think Tremont 647, also in the South End, is one of the few places in the city that is known for its brunch. Good luck! Weather is supposed to be warm and sunny (by our standards) this weekend!
  2. I would absolutely second Hamersley's Bistro. And I agree with the other poster about Olives- I wouldn't bother. The link from a previous poster has some great suggestions. But I would avoid Haymarket - if you want an outdoor market, there are a couple of good ones - Monday and wednesday at City Hall Plaza and Copley Place Tuesday and Friday and there's a newer one at the Northern Ave bridge on Thursdays. You can get wonderful cheese, bread, fruit for a picnic. Enjoy your honeymoon. Boston is gorgeous in the summer!
  3. pattimw

    Fresh fava beans

    I did see frozen favas at whole foods. maybe I will give them a whirl.....
  4. No kidding. I didn't realize it retailed for $1,000 a bottle. Pretty insane. I wonder what this means for the brand....will it lose some of its cache? Will these new owners try to preserve the cult status?
  5. pattimw

    Fresh fava beans

    Boston area. Where did you source them from?
  6. pattimw

    Fresh fava beans

    Over here, butter beans are a type of lima bean. I've never seen favas labelled as such. April ← Is the name broad beans over here then?
  7. Henry- just started reading this blog yesterday and felt compelled to read from start to finish. Love your perspective on architecture and food and I am feeling the need to visit Seattle for all the food. I think I'd go for Salumi alone. Not sure if you'd be interested in two more cents on restaurants in Boston - in case you have other opportunities to eat out while here. I think Oleana is a great idea, and I would also check out Rialto and Hamersley's if you have the time.
  8. pattimw

    Wine doggy bags

    Speaking of wine and laws in MA, has anyone heard the latest on the wine shipping bill? Last I knew, Romney had vetoed the watered down bill back in November and that the legislature was due to vote on a revised bill sometime soon.
  9. pattimw

    Fresh fava beans

    Hmmmm.... I am making a Halibut recipe with fingerlings and meyer lemon salsa. the favas are briefly sauteed and kept warm with the smashed fingerlings in a saute pan. Do you think the frozen shelled favas would be a total waste? Spring recipes always have favas....too bad spring doesn't come to MA until June.
  10. HD now has a line of reduced fat ice creams. I have tried the Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla and am very impressed. WAY better than the Fro yo. Higher in fat, but a great compromise between the regular and frozen yogurt.
  11. pattimw


    Smokejacks, which has been mentioned by many here before, is a great choice. Nice wine and cheese selections, food is very good, and the atmosphere is probably more in line with what you're looking for - up to date, modern. Plus, it is right downtown on the corner of Church and Main - so you can take a nice walk before and/or after dinner up church st. or down to the waterfront. Don't know anything about L'Amante or Opaline.
  12. I've eaten there 3 times -although the last time I was there was about a year ago so I can't speak to what it is like now. The 3 times i went, though, the food and service were outstanding.
  13. Your spouse gives you a kitchen scale for Valentine's day and you are thrilled.
  14. I would definitely say that the flavor was as I would expect from a SB - crisp, with some grassy flavors, maybe a slight hint of citrus, but not overpowering. I didn't notice as many of the tropical fruit flavors I typically remember from other Napa SBs. Very "clean."
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