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  1. I've found them a chef... clickety
  2. Has anyone been to Zetter or Malmaison recently? I'm trying to organise an "away afternoon" for myself and two colleagues close to but removed from our office on Holborn Viaduct. We want somewhere for lunch and then a meeting room for the afternoon. Any other suggestions welcome. W.
  3. Been at the Kingsley Amis again Andy?
  4. Great review. "moist and pearlescent" Love it.
  5. Is this English humor or a bad neighborhood? I did survive New York in the 80s, though ← You'll recognise the scene from Goodfellas then.
  6. Rebatos is OK in the front part (tapas). The rear restaurant is poor. Both parts full of s.London crims on a Sat night. O Cantino prob the best of the Portuguese. All a bit of a walk tho' - you're prb better off with Adulis.
  7. The Painted Heron (of Chelsea) have a branch nearby on Kennington Lane: View London entry which for some reason they don't mention on their website.
  8. I'm slightly surprised at the high expectations expressed on this (and other) threads about food TV. It's TV. It's mass market. It's shit. Saying that, for our licence fee we get R4 etc. (Perhaps I'm just being defeatist)
  9. Lunch today at Roussillon. Nobody's mentioned the lunch pricing on the thread to date -- I don't know if it's a new offer but it's got to be one of London's best bargains -- £35 pp for three courses (no supplements) including half a bottle of wine, mineral water, amuse bouche, pre-dessert, coffee and P4s. We ate: Baby veg, chips & mustard dip mentioned up-thread with sushi on a stick. I love mustard. Gnocchi with mushroom and dried black truffle - autumnal rather than wintery I'd have thought but comfort food in a mouthful. Truffles not tip-top. Starter 1 - scallops & black pudding, the former OK, the latter excellent; the whole not more than the sum of its parts. Starter 2 - Mrs Winot came off better with squid and prawn salad with blood orange and an avocado salad. Fantasticly flavoursome seafood and a real synergy with the accompaniments. Main 1 - I did best here with grilled Angus beef, larded veg and (really) fat chips -- basically cuboid roast pots but the only time I've had them when its really worked. More mustard, at my request. Beef quite rare but good deep flavour and not too chewy. Main 2 - grilled calf's sweetbreads (can't remember the accompaniments I'm afraid) - not much flavour and the exterior made a bit soggy with the sauce. Not a patch on St. John's lamb's sweetbreads - are these always a stronger flavour I wonder? No pre-dessert but straight to: CHEESE x 2. Wow. What a board, what generosity, and no supplement. Average coffee, decent P4s. Wine - they have a reduced list of half a dozen red, half a dozen white and a rose. No prices, you just choose what you want. Very flexible -- the sommelier (who looks about 12 - is this the foody equivalent of policemen being younger than you?) did us two different large glasses of white and two different large glasses of red to matchthe food. Conclusion - mixed but enjoyable meal, not really 1* I'd have thought, but at £70 plus service for two, excellent value.
  10. There's a new-ish Indian on Great Queen St that has received positive reviews - Moti Mahal (sp?).
  11. The deconstructed crab ravioli at Astrance in Paris is pretty good too.
  12. Dans le noir? Dans le merde.
  13. Not much in the area - I was going to mention the Perseverance too, but not sure what real ale they do. If you're on for a bit of a walk over the river your best bet by far is the Anchor & Hope (there's a thread somewhere). W.
  14. Salt Yard looks good from the web site, but I couldn't see any sherries. Shurely shome mishtake?
  15. I recently made a pilgrimage there (actually it's where I used to play cricket), and I think it really would help if you go with a Korean friend/acquaintance. The level of English in many of the good places is not so hot. Or, failing that, just go in and say "I'll have what they're having" ← Ditto. We had tremendous problems making ourselves understood. The (very nice) waitress was nervous and giggly at the idea of Anglo Saxons who might want authentic Korean food, and the result was a bit disappointing (and certainly no better than the Korean restaurants in the shadow of Centrepoint).
  16. Andy - glad to hear the writing career is working out well (and - sshhh - thanks for all you've done on eGullet over the years).
  17. Cassoulet in summer! You're my kind of girl
  18. The quality of produce at Moen's is very good. I have shopped there for the 10 years I have lived in Brixton. However, IMHO the service has gone downhill in the last few years. It's simply too busy, and they seem to have taken the decision to process as many customers as possible to maximise profit. Can't blame them for that, but as a result they don't have time to discuss the produce in detail, and indeed some of the staff don't have the knowledge. [As an example, when asked how old a hare was when it was killed -- pretty key to whether to roast or stew - my other half got the reply "Well I don't know when it's bloody birthday was, love". Funny, yes, but not the service you expect when you're shelling out the £££ that they charge.] Luckily a good organic meat farmer's stall has started trading on Acre Lane between Brixton and Clapham (outside Opus cafe) and the people that ran Hester's in Vauxhall have moved to East Dulwich as William Rose opposite Franklin's on Lordship Lane.
  19. I refer the honourable member to my earlier answer.
  20. There's the Ebury and the Boisdale nearby p perhaps better known for their food than their beer. This is a useful site: Fancy a pint?
  21. I think not - started by Brits and now part-owned by MacDonalds. But it is pretty good. There seems to be some confusion about jellied eels. They are nothing like eels. I love eels. Jellied eels are one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten.
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