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  1. Okay. So, I just want to confirm whether or not this applies to the APO: "This is why we hesitate to recommend combi ovens for cooking fish, rare meat, or other foods where you might need temperature accuracy" [Modernist Cuisine (Vol. 2, Pg 156)] @PositiveMD's quote is the only thing I've found on eGullet for using the APO at temperatures 140 F / 60 C or below. I'm curious, what is the accuracy of this statement for APO veterans? P.S. I am considering returning my unused Anova Precision Cooker Pro (immersion circulator) to subsidize the cost of the APO. This was just purchased because of a sale but if the Sous Vide mode of the APO is not a concern at low temperatures, then I can't see why I'd have both. Can you? P.P.S. I have been ignored the three times I've reached out to Anova for response to this main question. The first time (2 months ago), they said I'd be contacted by a technician. And ghosted me even after 4hrs of leaving a chat window open. They have been horrible with Customer Service so far, hopefully that's just been my luck though and isn't the norm.
  2. Hi @DaveCee! Welcome to egullet :) What ingredients or techniques have you excited and/or curious at the moment?
  3. Exactly. The specific goal for me is to keep steaks from “lifting itself” when it shrinks and tenses up when contacting a searing hot pan. I want that as much pan-contact and these seems like a easy to store. After seeing everyones input, me thinks the product in original post is overkill. Thanks everyone!! PS @btbyrd That video was very helpful for me! I trust those ladies since I already follow some of their work #Smushlife
  4. Does anyone own this or can suggest an alternative to this? If you own some, I'd love to hear your experience of their value (or lack thereof). I couldn't find any reference to them when searching eGullet, so sorry if this discussion has already been had. Saw these from a video awhile back. It was J. Kenji López-Alt who I first saw using them. I'm in central Texas and maybe these prices are affordable in the Bay Area but there are outrageous to me! Tempted because it is a neat design which not only allows for stacking for creating more weight, but also "staggering" to create a larger area of coverage. Seems very functional, but I don't have much experience with using any press. I figure it just helps you free a hand while pan searing meat so you don't have to press the meat yourself. Please educate me if you see it's uses beyond what is advertised. 8.oz = $14.00 13.oz = $19.00 https://www.thechefspress.com/shop
  5. Oooo ice cream! Was thinking about investing in a small batch machine recently. I just settled and on getting liquid nitrogen as the cheapest and most reliable option. Welcome to egullet!
  6. In the few days I’ve been here, there is one thing for certain. People love and know their chocolate here... Welcome!!
  7. Pretty 😶 Very cool. What are you currently excited about in regards to developing either more knowledge or skill?
  8. @weinoo What type/brand steam oven do you use? I’m currently researching Anova and Cuisinart.
  9. Hi @choc.frogs! Glad to have you. You are more experienced than me! I haven't really started other than experimenting with making Ganache: infused homemade simple syrups to impart some hydration and flavor. So please share any ideas or experiments you can. Looking forward to it!
  10. *whistle* that’s a lot of sauce. That’s your way of saving a batch until next summer right? I’ve recent been gifted a chest freezer but haven’t really figured out what to freeze if anything yet. (Thought I’d use it for cold crashing fermenting carboys) As long as you’ve got something to say I’m always all ears. Reading more than doing too nowadays.
  11. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to drop in. I'm looking forward to contributing what I have experienced myself as an amateur (scientist/)cook. Just finished making cultured cream last night (7 day ferment) and can't wait to make some cultured butter tonight! Just to give you an idea of who I am, I literally spent 4.5 hours straight after work, dead tired & with a migraine laying my back on the (clean) kitchen floor, researching scientific articles for the strains of Lactobacillus that were likely in buttermilk from Walmart I was about to use as a starter. All to have an ideal temperature I should aim to keep the fermentation at. (Turns out it was ideal for it to be 31 Degrees Celsius, based on the classification of the likely strain (of which there are two but I unfortunately don't have my notes in front of me right now. Will reply with them if there is interest.) So, suffice to say joining was pretty much mandatory for me. See y'all around! Looking forward to getting to know your interests, hard-earned discoveries, and ideas!
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