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  1. Thanks for the info, @curls, and @Kerry Beal. Which variant of Power Flowers do you both have (i.e., AZO, non AZO, or From Natural Origin)?
  2. Thanks for taking a look, @curls Yes, it appears that MAG doesn't sell the starter kit, unfortunately. Did you purchase the AZO or non-AZO variant of Flower Power? Also, what are your thoughts on the product? Do you recommend using this color system? Oh, yes. I saw Kerry mention that in another thread. Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. I'm hoping to purchase Power Flowers as well. MAG (Mid America Gourmet) is one of the few distributors (that I could find) that has Power Flowers in stock and that is selling at a reasonable price. I've never purchased from them before and was curious if anyone has experience purchasing from them. Are the prices comparable to when you purchased your Power Flowers, @curls and @Kerry Beal? Is the group aware of any other US distributors that sell Power Flowers besides the one I've listed below? The Chefs Warehouse is out of stock. The Pastry Depot is out of stock (and boy, is it expensive!). The Pastry Chefs Boutique only sells the Color Master for some reason (maybe the actual colorants are out of stock?). Edited: Mid America Gourmet seems to be a reputable distributor according to this thread.
  4. I just placed my first order from AUI! There is no fee for in-person pickup, and there is no minimum quantity to purchase the Ponthier fruit purees. Thank you for the help, @Jim D.and @curls! I'm super excited to pick up my items!
  5. @Jim D., I noticed that for a given fruit, AUI carries a "100% fruit" version and a "sweetened" version. When you say that you "have been very pleased and see no difference between those [Ponthier] and Boiron" are you referring to the "100% fruit" version or the "sweetened" version of Ponthier purees?
  6. Thank you for all the information, @Jim D., and thanks for pointing me to that thread! 😅 I didn't realize that AUI has a minimum order of 12 cartons. Probably why their website requires you to place orders for Ponthier puree by calling Customer Service? That's a little unfortunate given that I'm only a hobbyist and wouldn't be able to store 12 cartons of puree in my home kitchen's freezer. That's okay, though. AUI has other great products to offer that don't seem to require purchasing in bulk haha. Maybe this is a good opportunity for me to try Felchlin chocolate. I've only used Callebaut and Valrhona chocolate. I have a distribution center near me, so I was planning on picking up my order in person to avoid shipping fees, but now that I look at their website again, it isn't clear if pick-up is actually free. I'll call Customer Service and ask. Thank you again.
  7. I know many people recommend fruit purees by Les Vergers Boiron. I'm having a difficult time sourcing their products (high shipping fees)? I have an Albert Uster Imports warehouse near me, but they only carry fruit purees by Ponthier. Has anyone tried fruit purees by Ponthier? Do you recommend them?
  8. Thanks for compiling this information, @gfron1. Has anyone been to a packaging trade show that they recommend attending?
  9. Thanks, @pastrygirl. I did, but the dimensions of the cavity are too small for the size of my bon bon's (mold CW2295; 29 x 29 x 21 mm).
  10. @Altay.Oro, based on this article from Alagobox, I believe they are called transparent blister liners/trays. Does anyone know where to purchase blister trays like the ones used by Sugoi Sweets (or do these trays fall into the "custom-order" category)? I can find more "traditional-looking" inserts but am having a really hard time finding transparent, round blister trays. I like the minimalist look of these trays. @Tiffany B linked to these by A Specialty Box, but they don't look quite as clean as the ones used by Sugoi Sweets (and it's hard to tell what the bottom insert looks like from A Specialty Box's images).
  11. @Darienne and @minas6907, would either of you still have access to Cody's photo and description? The link no longer works, and I'm interested in seeing what the confection looks like. I was able to find this image, but it's difficult to see the candy at this camera angle. The candy is called "feuillete amande" or "almond leaf" The description says it's a "crispy almond puff pastry" (courtesy of Google translate). I'm very curious about the origins of laminated candy.
  12. Thanks, @Kerry Beal. I was looking at the 8-pound capacity melanger (non tilt) here on the manufacturer's website, which is currently out-of-stock (USA). Thanks for your input regarding the tilting model.
  13. Hello All! I'm looking to purchase a chocolate melanger, and many people on this thread seem to highly recommend the Premier Chocolate Refiner. Is this where the majority of you purchased your melanger? I live in the US, and the website says it's currently out-of-stock. Any suggestions as to where I could purchase this model? Any recommendations on other models that are as good as the Premier Chocolate Refiner? Any thoughts on this different Premier model? Thanks!
  14. no10

    Name that mold!

    Thank you, @jbates, @Kerry Beal, and @pastrygirlfor your replies! @pastrygirl, I think those chocolates would melt before they reached you! I hope you're able to stay safe and cool during this crazy heat wave in the Pacific Northwest.
  15. no10

    Name that mold!

    Does anyone know what mold Stick With Me Sweets uses to make their bon bons?
  16. Does anyone know if Chef Rubber sells a colored cocoa butter similar to ChocoButter's Gold Dust (Cosmic Collection)? Is Chef Rubber's Gold Luster (Decor Colored Cocoa Butter) a close match?
  17. Does anyone know if Chef Rubber sells a colored cocoa butter similar to ChocoButter's Gold Dust (Cosmic Collection)? Is Chef Rubber's Gold Luster (Decor Colored Cocoa Butter) a close match?
  18. Thanks for the information, @curls. What?! This forum hosts chocolate workshops?
  19. Hi @Ben C, would you mind sharing where you purchased your acrylic bars?
  20. Hi @David J., would you happen to known which aluminum alloy your bars are made from?
  21. Hello eGForums, I'm curious if anyone has purchased these ganache and caramel ruler bars (https://www.tcfsales.com/products/658-ganache-and-caramel-ruler-bars-set-of-2-ea/) from TCF before or has experience with this company? Are they a reputable company? It costs $87.96 (not including shipping) to purchase 4 stainless steel square bars, measuring 1/2" x 1/2" x 15" L, which seems like a reasonable price relative to other companies. Correct me if I'm wrong. Does anyone suggest other companies to purchase bars from? On a related topic, I know that a possibly more affordable alternative would be to visit a local metal fabricator and purchase metal bars from them. My concern is purchasing bars that are made from an alloy and finish that is 'food-safe'. Does anyone know what grade/alloy and finish of stainless steel is 'food-safe'? Does anyone know what grade/alloy and finish of aluminum is 'food-safe'?
  22. Thanks for the reply, @Kerry Beal. I don't believe he does. I was hoping someone on this forum would know.
  23. Several of Greweling's recipes call for the use of a round piping tip. I'm not familiar with what sizing system he's using. When he says to use a "no. [integer] round tip", what does the [integer] correspond to in millimeters or inches? For example, what is the diameter of a no. 3 round tip used by Greweling?
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