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  1. What about the newer version of the creami?
  2. Can you share time and tempo?
  3. Cooking Temperature? I usually use the Nuvola with almost the same idratation and never had a chewy pizza.
  4. I own 6 of them. I love it but it's really expensive
  5. You have ti check more often Ikea's products. They made probably the best quality/price ratio inox pans. Sensuell pans are thick like all clad pans.
  6. This is the email that I sent today to polyscience. I'll tell you about my experience with the retailer sousvidetools. In December 2020 I decide to buy your Control freak product and the only retailer I find in Europe is the sousvidetools store. I make the purchase for 899 euros + ss. After a week the item arrives and after a few I experience several problems, the temperature control does not work in any way, I contact you and the shop and after several emails you tell me that they will be the ones to take care of the change of the machinery. Sousvidetool asks me to send the item back at my expense, which I do, telling me that there will be no problems as soon as the package arrives they will send me the new product. Unfortunately, from January 2021 with the brexit there are several problems with the English customs for those who ship from Europe, UPS (the shipper recommended to me) loses a lot of time until 20 days ago it informs me that the package has been lost. Sousvidetools in these 4 months has never helped me with this problem by saying that obviously it was not their problem, UPS instead informs me several times that they have tried to contact the store to carry out customs clearance. In any case, UPS would have to give me a refund for 800 euros so from the purchase I would have already lost more than 130 euros. I communicate the situation to sousvidetool by saying that I would be interested in getting a working control freak, however, they tell me that the price is now 1399 euros and that at the limit they could give me 10% discount then 1259 therefore a loss for me of 459 euros. Does it seem correct to you that a reseller manages the assistance on your product in this way? Unfortunately, I will keep the money and will not buy another machine. Of course I will advise my clients to do the same. I'm sorry because I believed in the product. Of course I can send several emails proving the situation.
  7. This is the video about frying https://www.dropbox.com/s/mf6c8rt4wmxsinu/VID_20210109_141120.mp4?dl=0 the pot is a stainless steel from ikea. Anyone experienced something like that?
  8. First As a follower of your blog and has a great lover of your combinations of flavors , greetings and thanks for the many ideas you gave me. Really nice work. Unfortunately, as a professional and consultant, I do not agree at all on the evaluation (it happens) of the books. I have never found it stated that they were books of a scientific level but that they were books that highlight how science affects the kitchen. Also at the end of all their books there are the scientific articles that they have consulted (like 300 for MB, you can find Gobbetti also) and the books where you can deepen the topics. I agree on the subject of flours, but this is a market problem, in the Italian market there is much more attention to the rheological characteristics of flours unlike, for example, our cousins next to us. I own both of the other books you posted, one is a compendium of scientific articles the other is a small excursus on Neapolitan pizza, beautiful books but which have a completely different target. I know several professionals in several quite famous restaurants who have raised the bar in both cooking and baking using these books (two of them are 3 michelin stars). This does not mean that they are the best from every point of view but overall, I think they are the most complete. On the subject of pizza it seems to me that even here there is a bit of resentment, in the book on bread there are about 30 pages and three types of pizza are briefly treated. It is also written that many styles are left out because they are not related to the book. The historical part is a small paragraph that is not in-depth and totally lacking in-depth information on the ingredients. So there is room in my opinion for Modernist Pizza. I don't understand the thing about pizza in a jar. I made doughs in jars several times and all of them were certainly at lower pressure than atmospheric pressure. On the little expansion after opening, I have also noticed it in brioches doughs and I believe it is due to the porosity of the dough which, upon reacquiring air, acquires slightly structure. Which does not happen if it is done in an envelope.I conclude by saying that Myhrvold is certainly not the type of person who carries out a project to lose money and I do not find anything wrong with that.
  9. I made a lot of test talking with the sage customer service, I made an experiment with sugar and the pan set 110 celsius slow mode. After few minutes the sugar start to caramelize. In your case how work the pan control with ikea pans?
  10. Got the same problem with them. I tried a lot of different pans and pots, lot of them from ikea. Mine has a very opposite behavior than yours, the external thermometer indicate a much higher temp than the pan control, so I burnt a lot of food. Which pan you use?
  11. Have you guys read the other books? Because probably they are the more complete books on the topics covered. If this is also the case, there won't be another reference book on pizza.
  12. I don't know. I saw here on an old post another european user with the same problems. So I tought was a Eu issue. For sure mine doesn't work like the ones on youtube videos. In a lot of videos I saw the pan control be very accurate. Can you check if yours is good? Where did you buy it?
  13. The problem was that when I set a temperature with an external thermometer I read another temperature. I also tried with sugar that caramelized with the pan set at 110 degrees. With the probe control it took very long time to reach the desired temperature, for example to fry and when I putthe food it never recovered the set temperature.
  14. Is 240v? Temp control was everytime inaccurate also on probe control. Same on you? I tried different pans but nothing worked well. I sent it back to sousvidetools in uk but UPS lost the shipment so I'm waiting for refund. I don't know if I will buy it again this is why I'm asking if anyone has the eu version working properly?
  15. Anyone has the european version? I send it back because the temperature control was totally inaccurate.
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