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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I ended up going with Poche's this go -round, and I added my name to the "Notify Me" list for Cochon's!
  2. I'm unable to source / buy Tasso ham locally, so an internet search led me to Cajungrocer.com where there are several brands available. Does anyone have a recommendation for best Tasso brand in general for use in cooking? I'm also open to any other websites where you source your Louisiana goods for mail order.
  3. I struggled with keeping the temperature as low as I wanted. I ended up cooking a couple of legs and one breast for about 2 hours at 270ish. The meat was a little more cooked than I'd have wanted it if we were just plain eating it then (and as Mgaretz said - the skin was rubber, but that's fine). But it had such an excellent smoky flavor and color. I pulled the meat off for soup, and am currently making a stock with the bones, whole cloves, peppercorns, onion skin, parsley stems, celery tops, etc. Meat will go back in with roasted mushrooms, cooked wild rice, cream, and fresh aromatics after the stock simmers away and gets skimmed later today. Overall, the turkey parts were a good experiment / opportunity to learn and play with maintaining temp, because it wasn't a travesty if they got a little high. Looking forward to the next project!
  4. Thanks for the replies. @kayb I'm in East TN near the GSMNP. I will take notes on today's go-round so I remember next time! @mgaretz Good to know about the skin. In this instance we do want that smoke flavor and won't be using the skin for the end result (stock & soup) so I'm going to play with a lower temperature I think. Fingers crossed! It's not raining so, so far so good.
  5. We were recently gifted a BGE. I have a couple of turkey legs and a bone-in breast in a dry brine that I'd like to smoke tomorrow (the end goal is to pull the meat and use the smoked bones to make a stock the following day, all of which will eventually be turkey & wild rice soup). We're still pretty new to smoking and I'm curious about what temp and time we should be looking at for this project. Most smoked turkey breast recipes I see are for about 5 lb breasts. The breast we have is more like a split-chicken breast; maybe around 2 lbs. Any tips? Thanks!
  6. So happy I discovered this topic! I'm adding several of these to my list. Current subscriptions I enjoy: Views on the Road: She's Mexican, husband is Korean American, all of her food just looks really delicious. Matty Matheson: If you know him, you know. It can be a lot to watch, but some of the recipes sound so good I can get into it. Rachel Khoo: I love her cookbooks and older videos, but she's also recently started sharing "Vodcast" videos with guest chefs, etc.
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